Monday, April 30, 2007

Bad Religion - Sentrum Scene, Oslo 13.03.1996

Since I'm going to Oslo this week to see Sanctity, Annihilator and Trivium at Sentrum Scene, I won't be posting much here in the coming days. In the meantime you can enjoy this recording from the last time I was at Sentrum Scene, way back in 1996, to see the American punk legends Bad Religion.
This is a very low circulation bootleg from The Gray Race tour, with great sound quality. It's imported straight from the master tape and converted to mp3's. There's some minor glitches here and there because of problems with the recorder, and the songs Fuck Armageddon and Faith Alone are missing the end and beginning due to turning the tape - and the last track, Best For You, is cut short due to running out of tape...
Included in the zip-file are scans of the flyer, an ad from a newspaper, the ticket and a review of the show from the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. Enjoy!

Tracklist: 1. American Jesus, 2. No Control, 3. The Handshake, 4. 21st Century Digital Boy, 5. The Gray Race, 6. Drunk Sicerity, 7. Anesthesia, 8. What It Is, 9. Watch It Die, 10. Modern Man, 11. Change of Ideas, 12. Parallel, 13. Cease, 14. You Are the Government, 15. A Walk, 16. Do What You Want, 17. Fuck Armageddon... This Is Hell, 18. Faith Alone, 19. Punk Rock Song, 20. Along the Way, 21. Suffer, 22. Generator, 23. Empty Causes, 24. Come Join Us, 25. Pessimistic Lines, 26. The Answer, 27. Leave Mine to Me, 28. Pity the Dead, 29. Recipe For Hate, 30. Infected, 31. Ten In 2010, 32. We're Only Gonna Die, 33. Lookin' In, 34. Best For You.

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Machine Head - Aesthetics of Hate (2007)

The first video from Machine Head's fantastic new album The Blackening! Enjoy!

VA - Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye: A Tribute to Roky Erickson (1990)

Roky Erickson often seems to be better known in rock circles for his well publicized psychological maladies and his less-than-gentle treatment at the hands of Texas' judicial system than for his music - and that's a shame. While Roky's habit of informing anyone who asks that he's a Martian or is in contact with Satan makes for good fanzine copy, the best reason to be interested in Erickson is his songwriting - there's a graceful, vivid surrealism to his lyrical style that's endured far better than most of the noodlers who came out of the psychedelic rock movement, and his later bursts of horror film fancy conjure up a troubling tension that's laughed at only by the shallow or ignorant.
When Erickson's legal problems came to a head in the late 1980s, longtime fan and Sire Records executive Bill Bentley assembled Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye: A Tribute to Roky Erickson to raise money for Erickson, as well as drawing attention to the unique beauty of his music. Like most multi-artist tribute albums, the results are a bit uneven; some of these artists seem to have appeared out of convenience rather than any great love of Roky's music, and a few of the interpretations are simple miscalculations (Thin White Rope's Guy Kyser really goes overboard on his version of Burn the Flames). But there are a several moments of very real beauty and power here, especially from the artists who share Erickson's Texas heritage - Doug Sahm and ZZ Top rock out on their contributions, the Butthole Surfers' version of Earthquake is one of their finest moments on wax, and T-Bone Burnett's take on Nothing in Return is a heart-tugging gem.
The 13th Floor Elevators' first two albums are still the best place to sample Erickson's music (and the latter-day All That May Do My Rhyme is a fine album, for which Erickson actually receives royalties - hint, hint), but Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye is a sincere if inconsistent tribute to his work, and shows how well his songs can translate to the styles of other artists.
Source: All Music Guide

Tracklist: 1. ZZ Top - Reverberation (Doubt), 2. John Wesley Harding & The Good Liars - If You Have Ghosts, 3. Poi Dog Pondering - I Had to Tell You, 4. Judybats - She Lives (In a Time of Her Own), 5. Primal Scream - Slip lnside This House, 6. Bongwater - You Don't Love Me Yet, 7. Julian Cope - I Have Always Been Here Before, 8. Doug Sahm & Sons - You're Gonna Miss Me, 9. Southern Pacific - It's a Cold Night For Alligators, 10. Richard Lloyd - Fire Engine, 11. Vibrating Egg - Bermuda, 12. R.E.M. - I Walked With a Zombie, 13. Butthole Surfers - Earthquake, 14. Lou Ann Barton - Don't Slander Me, 15. Sister Double Happiness - Red Temple Prayer (Two Headed Dog), 16. Thin White Rope - Burn the Flames, 17. Chris Thomas - Postures (Leave Your Body Behind), 18. T Bone Burnett - Nothing In Return, 19. The Jesus & Mary Chain - Reverberation (Doubt).

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

VA - Scandinavian Friends: A Tribute to Roky Erickson (2007)

A brand new Scandinavian tribute to the great Roky Erickson - hard to find outside of Scandinavia, so here it is for your enjoyment.
This tribute features outstanding versions of some of Roky's best songs from top notch Norwegian, Swedish and Danish bands such as Madrugada, Baby Woodrose, Backstreet Girls, We and The Hellacopters.
Roky Erickson is finally coming to Europe and are confirmed at the Hultsfred Festival in Sweden and the Øya Festival in Norway.
All the proceeds from this album will be donated to Roky's trust fund as a gift for his 60th birthday this summer, so if you like this album and Roky pick up a copy if you can find it!

Tracklist: 1. The Cheaters - Reverbation (Doubt), 2. Sweet Honey Pie - Witchcraft, 3. Baby Woodrose - I Don't Ever Want to Come Down, 4. Rooky - Stand For the Fire Demon, 5. The Hellacopters - Cold Night For Alligators, 6. Los Plantronics - You're Gonna Miss Me, 7. The Mainliners - Bloody Hammer, 8. Grand Café - Sputnik, 9. On Trial - I Have Always Been There Before, 10. Backstreet Girls - Crazy Crazy Mama, 11. Thee Mono Sapiens - Two Headed Dog, 12. We - Cold Night For Alligators, 13. The Sacred Sailors - White Faces, 14. Madrugada - Slip Inside This House, 15. Neperud - I Walked With a Zombie.

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Bad Religion - Hate Yourself: Live In Vienna, Austria 28.08.1989

Hate Yourself is one of the "classic" Bad Religion bootlegs that every punk fan should have. Recorded in Vienna, Austria on the European leg of the Suffer tour in 1989. Released on CD in 1991 by the bootleg label Live Life.
This bootleg is often mislabeled as being a show from the Netherlands or the UK, but it is in fact the same show as the one released on vinyl as We're Not the Damned - the show in Vienna on August 28th 1989. Enjoy!

Tracklist: 1. Land of Competition, 2. 1000 More Fools, 3. Doing Time, 4. Damned to Be Free, 5. The Numbers Game (Part II), 6. Latch Key Kids, 7. When?, 8. Along the Way, 9. Do What You Want, 10. White Trash (2nd Generation), 11. How Much Is Enough, 12. Delirium of Disorder, 13. Drastic Actions, 14. You Are the Government, 15. Yesterday, 16. What Can You Do, 17. Frogger, 18. Voice of God Is Government, 19. We're Only Gonna Die, 20. Part III, 21. I Give You Nothing, 22. Fuck Armageddon... This Is Hell, 23. Suffer, 24. Pessimistic Lines, 25. Best For You, 26. Medley: Bad Religion/The Numbers Game/Part II/World War III.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Kiss - Ace's Last Stand: Western Springs Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand, 03.12.1980

I finally found it again! This is Kiss live at the Western Springs Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand on December 3rd 1980. The final show of the Unmasked tour, and Ace Frehley's last full show as a member of Kiss until the reunion tour in 1996.

Ace Frehley @ Wikipedia:
"Paul Frehley (April 27th 1951) was born and raised in The Bronx, and was the youngest of three children. The Frehleys were a musical family, and when Ace received an electric guitar as a Christmas present in 1964, he immersed himself in learning the instrument. Frehley has cited guitarists such as Pete Townshend and Jeff Beck as his major musical influences.
When Frehley's band, Cathedral, started earning a series of paying gigs, Frehley dropped out of high school. At the insistence of his family and girlfriend, Frehley eventually returned and earned his diploma. After graduation, Frehley held a string of short-term jobs as a mail carrier, furniture deliverer, messenger and liquor store delivery boy.
Frehley spent the early 1970s in a series of bands, none of which achieved any success. In January 1973, best friend, Bob McAdams, spotted an advertisement for a lead guitarist in the Village Voice. Bob showed the ad to Ace. Both Bob and Ace went to 10 East 23rd Street above the Live Bait Bar. Ace auditioned for the trio of Paul Stanley (rhythm guitar), Gene Simmons (bass guitar) and Peter Criss (drums). Frehley (who showed up wearing one red sneaker and one orange sneaker) was less than impressive visually, but the band liked what they heard from his playing. About three weeks after Frehley auditioned, the new group named him their lead guitarist. By mid-1973, the unnamed band decided on a name - Kiss. Frehley designed the band's unique, double-lightning-bolt logo. The band quickly decided to paint their faces for live performances, and Frehley decided to start painting silver stars on his eyes. When the group eventually decided to adopt stage personas to go with their makeup designs, Frehley became "Space Ace," an alien visitor from the planet of Jendel.
As lead guitarist, Frehley was known for his frenetic, atmospheric playing, becoming one of the most popular guitarists in the 70s and spawning a generation of new players.
Frehley's songwriting presence within the group increased in 1979, contributing 2 originals and a cover (The Rolling Stones' 2000 Man) for 1979's Dynasty and 3 originals for 1980s Unmasked. While this was not the best time for Kiss on a commercial level in the United States, they were only just beginning to take off in other countries (mostly in Australia where Dynasty and Unmasked are their highest selling albums). But even as his songwriting role within Kiss was increasing, Frehley found himself increasingly at odds with the musical direction of the band. After Peter Criss left Kiss in 1980, Frehley was often outvoted 2-1 in band decisions, as replacement drummer Eric Carr was not a partner in Kiss and had no vote. Frehley's participation in the recording of 1981's Music from "The Elder" was far more limited than with previous albums. This was, in large part, due to his unhappiness with the band's decision to create a concept album rather than a straightforward rock album.
Exacerbating the situation was Frehley's escalating erratic behavior and substance abuse. In April 1982, Frehley was involved in a serious automobile accident (although Anton Fig was the driver). In May, he led police on a 90-mph car chase on the Bronx River Parkway. This incident led to a $600 fine and a six-month suspension of his driver's license.
Although Frehley appeared on the covers for 1982's greatest hits album Killers and studio album Creatures of the Night, he had no involvement with either project. Frehley's last appearances with the band were the video for "I Love it Loud," a series of European promotional appearances in November 1982 and a band interview with MTV in early 1983 promoting their world tour"
Enjoy the show!

Disc 1: 1. Detroit Rock City, 2. Cold Gin, 3. Strutter, 4. Shandi, 5. Calling Dr. Love, 6. Firehouse, 7. Talk to Me, 8. Is That You, 9. 2000 Man, 10. Ace Frehley's Guitar Solo
Disc 2: 1. I Was Made For Loving You, 2. New York Groove, 3. Love Gun, 4. God of Thunder, 5. Rock N' Roll All Nite, 6. Shout It Out Loud, 7. King of the Night Time World, 8. Black Diamond.

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Accept - Agora Ballroom, Cleveland 27.03.1984

The finest of treats for lovers of 80's metal - the mighty Accept live at the Agora Ballroom in Cleveland back in 1984!
This recording was made right after the release of Accept’s fifth album, Balls to the Wall - seven years after vocalist Udo Dirkschneider formed his powerful German metal band in Cologne. Though the group had become a festival/arena headlining act in Europe, they were virtually unknown in the U.S., and this was their first American tour. Balls to the Wall was also their debut album in America, and was backed heavily by the SONY-owned imprint, Portrait Records.
The group had come under the supervising eye of Judas Priest, who used them first as an opening act in the U.K., and later to help conquer deeper parts of Europe. Accept, while never having a massive commercial breakthrough in the U.S., did garner raves from most of the metal writers of the day, and even came to be called “the best metal import from Germany since the Scorpions” by Kerrang! Magazine.
While singing, Dirkschneider’s accent does sound a little heavy, but the band itself certainly knows how to rock with brutal, simple riffs. Six of the ten tracks featured here, including London Leatherboys, Turn Me On, Fight it Back and Losers & Winners, are from the aforementioned, sexually charged Balls to the Wall record. The remaining tracks are from a combination of their earlier four discs.

Tracklist: 1. Fast As a Shark, 2. Losers & Winners, 3. Turn Me On, 4. London Leatherboys, 5. Balls to the Wall, 6. Head Over Heels, 7. Flash Rockin' Man, 8. Princess of the Dawn, 9. Guitar Solo, 10. Neon Nights, 11. Fight It Back.

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Manowar - Gloves of Metal (1983)

Easily one of the finest music videos ever made - from the loudest band ever to walk the earth! Hail & Kill!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Sonics - Psycho-Sonic (2003)

If you think Punk started in London in 1977 or New York in 1975 or even Detroit in 1969, you had better take a listen to this. Punk started in the early sixties in America's Pacific Northwest. End of story. This disc contains the songs (along with the Kingsmen's "Louie Louie" - a track that is covered here, albeit with the wrong chords) that launched a thousand garage/punk bands. This is what you get when you put a bunch of spotty, angry, musically-challenged young men together in a dank cellar with some Danelectro guitars, Silvertone amps, a Farfisa organ and some crappy drums. It is, even almost 40 years later, truly magical. This is definitely music that parents don't want their kids to hear. Actually, come to think of it, maybe it's music that kids don't want their parents to hear.
The Sonics' sound is noticeably rougher, cruder, and more brutal than that of their musical peers. Although they had a fairly standard instrumental line up for the time, The Sonics made their unique sound with wild arrangements, often disturbing lyrics, peppered with screaming and howling, and electric guitars played through amplifiers customized to achieve the harshest tones possible. Although their chief period of success was coincident with the release of Gibson's first fuzzbox, The Sonics' fuzzy sound was their own creation.
The songs they played were a mixture of garage rock standards ("Louie, Louie"), early rock and roll ("Jenny, Jenny") and original compositions such as "Strychnine", "Psycho", and "The Witch", all based upon simple chord sequences, played hard and fast.
The lyrics of The Sonics' original material dealt with early '60s teenage culture; cars, guitars, surfing, and girls (in songs like "The Hustler" and "Maintaining My Cool") alongside darker subject matter such as drinking strychnine for kicks, witches, psychopaths, and Satan (in the songs "Strychnine", "The Witch", "Psycho", and "He's Waiting", respectively).

Source: & Wikipedia

Tracklist: 1. The Witch, 2. Boss Hoss, 3. He's Waitin, 4. Psycho, 5. Louie Louie, 6. Strychnine, 7. Cinderella, 8. Shot Down, 9. Have Love Will Travel, 10. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, 11. Dirty Robber, 12. Keep a Knockin', 13. Money (That's What I Want), 14. The Hustler, 15. Jenny Jenny, 16. Hitch Hike, 17. Roll Over Beethoven, 18. Skinny Minnie, 19. Do You Love Me, 20. Walking the Dog, 21. Good Golly Miss Molly, 22. Night Time Is the Right Time, 23. It's Alright, 24. Let the Good Times Roll, 25. Don't You Just Know It, 26. Since I Fell For You, 27. The Witch (Alternate), 28. Psycho (Live), 29. The Witch (Live).

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Hollywood Brats - Hollywood Brats (1973/80)

Like a less famous British cousin of the New York Dolls, the Hollywood Brats also had a taste for feather boas, glitter, and tough rock & roll played with rough-and-tumble abandon. Although they only recorded one full-length album that was not released until after they had broken up, the band is recognized as a pioneer of punk.
The first incarnation of the Hollywood Brats surfaced in London in 1971 when singer Andrew Matheson, Norwegian keyboard player Casino Steel, and drummer Lou Sparks began playing regular gigs as the Queen. When Freddie Mercury's band of the same name came on the scene, the original Queens wouldn't let him strong-arm them into a name change until his outfit scored a hit and they were forced to adopt a new handle, becoming the Hollywood Brats. In 1972, guitarist Eunan Brady came on board after meeting Matheson through his Melody Maker ad seeking a guitarist "drunk on scotch and Keith Richards"; with Wayne Manor on bass, the lineup for this raucous glam rock unit was in place. The band crashed and burned their way through regular live sets in the summer of 1973, when their flamboyant makeup and female attire, à la the New York Dolls and David Bowie, and attitude-laden bluesy rock began to attract a following. As Brady recalled in his liner notes for the 1999 Cherry Red Records re-release of the band's album, "The whole point of the Brats was to annoy and disturb!" Championed by Keith Moon, the band landed a deal with NEMS Records and recorded an album of pure rock fun with fuzzy, garage-flavored guitar solos, cowbell accents, and snotty lyrics populated with gold diggers and tramps. No label wanted to touch the finished product, however, and the recording languished until Mercury Records released the material as Grown Up Wrong in 1975, and Cherry Red Records issued their single "Then He Kissed Me" in 1979 and re-released the full-length album in 1980. But the band had self-destructed years earlier, with Matheson going on to record with Tools and Wreckless Eric's Last Orders, and Steel joining London SS briefly before Mat Dangerfield grabbed him to form the Boys in 1976.

Tracklist: 1. Chez Maximes, 2. Another School Day, 3. Nightmare, 4. Empty Bottles, 5. Courtesan, 6. Then He Kissed Me, 7. Tumble With Me, 8. Zurich 17, 9. Southern Belles, 10. Drowning Sorrows, 11. Sick On You.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bad Religion - Heroes & Martyrs

A new Bad Religion song named Heroes & Martyrs from the upcoming album New Maps of Hell - performed live in Sao Paulo, Brazil last week.

Friday, April 20, 2007

No Bad Religion song can make your life complete...

But this threesome of rare demos will surely make your weekend better.
"Bad Religion is an American punk rock band that was originally formed in Southern California in 1980. This band is often credited for leading the revival of punk rock during the late 1980s, as well as influencing a large number of other punk and rock musicians throughout their career.
They are known for their socially conscious lyrics and the ability to express their ideology with the use of metaphor, an advanced vocabulary and vocal harmonies. Bad Religion songs deal with matters of personal as well as political responsibility, and despite the band's moniker, deal more with freedom than atheism".
Source: Wikipedia

Acoustic Suffer Demos (1987):
1. Do What You Want, 2. Suffer, 3. 1000 More Fools, 4. Pessimistic Lines (4-Track Demo), 5. Suffer.
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No Control Demos (1989):
1. Change of Ideas (4-Track Demo), 2. Anxiety (4-Track Demo), 3. No Control (4-Track Demo), 4. You (Full Band Demo), 5. Billy (Full Band Demo).
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Peel Sessions (1993):
1. Recipe For Hate, 2. Kerosene, 3. What Can You Do, 4. American Jesus.
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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Paul Stanley - I Can't Hear You People! (2006)

After hearing that great collection of on-stage-rants by Elvis posted earlier today, you're probably ready to take it to the next level...
Here's a large (...too large) collection of completely rediculous rants from The Starchild - Paul Stanley of Kiss.
Paul Stanley (born Stanley Harvey Eisen, January 20th 1952, Manhattan, New York) is an American rock guitarist and vocalist for the rock band Kiss. He is the writer or co-writer of most of the band's highest-charting hits.
Paul's persona in Kiss is "The Starchild". Wearing spandex and platform boots, Stanley's persona is that of a Don Juan-esque lover, combining effeminate elements with elements of extreme masculinity, rather than mere androgyny.
Although Paul's voice is generally very soft and eloquent during normal conversation, he uses a specific "stage voice" which is like a "Rock N' Roll Preacher" unlike most leading rock frontmen, he gets the crowd to join the band in many of their classic hits and also tends to give a speech or "scripted" story for certain songs (i.e.having sexual encounters with nurses and other women he's met on tour and how much he supports US troops overseas).
Source: Wikipedia

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Elvis Presley - Elvis' Greatest Shit (1983)

Elvis' Greatest Shit is a bootleg released in the early 80s filled with really crappy songs from Elvis movies, along with alternate versions of a few good songs in less than great versions.
Those of us who think of Elvis as a great artist really need to hear this, to remind us all of what he was capable of. It's hard to say what is harder to hear? The version of the beautiful Are You Lonesome Tonight where Elvis slobbers his way through half-remembered lyrics, or the simple existence of officially released Elvis songs called Yoga Is As Yoga Does, Queenie Wahine's Papaya or Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce? Perhaps the "best" of this shit is Dominic the Impotent Bull, which is indeed what the song is about.
The bootleg-label Dog Vomit Records has recently released an expanded version of this album, with over 30 tracks - but this one will have to do for now. Enjoy!

Tracklist: 1. Old Mac DonaId Had a Farm, 2. Ito Eats, 3. There's No Room to Rhumba In a Sports Car, 4. Confidence, 5. Yoga Is As Yoga Does, 6. Song of the Shrimp, 7. U.S. Male, 8. Ford Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, 9. Signs of the Zodiac, 10. The Bullfighter Was a Lady, 11. Wolf Call, 12. Can't Help Falling In Love, 13. He's Your Uncle Not Your Dad, 14. Scratch My Back Then I'll Scratch Yours, 15. The Walls Have Ears, 16. Poison Ivy League, 17. Beach Boy Blues, 18. Dominic the Impotent Bull, 19. Queenie Wahine's Papaya, 20. Do the Clamhake, 21. Datin', 22. Are You Lonesome Tonight?, 23. Outro.

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Elvis Presley - Having Fun With Elvis On Stage (1974)

Having Fun with Elvis on Stage is a 1974 live album from Elvis Presley that Presley's manager, Colonel Tom Parker, had RCA put out.
Having Fun With Elvis on Stage is considered by many critics to be the worst live album Elvis or anyone else has ever put out. This is because there were no song performances on it, only tape byplay recorded between songs - Elvis telling jokes, requesting a drink of water, and demonstrating eleven different ways to pronounce "Memphis." Though it clearly said "A Talking Album Only" on the cover, Having Fun with Elvis on Stage was nonetheless packaged and marketed as a legitimate concert album.
Parker was seeking to add to the collection of merchandise sold at Presley's concerts. RCA owned the rights to Elvis' music, but Parker discovered he could sell an album of Elvis simply talking. Someone took 37 minutes of Elvis' stage banter and spliced it together. The banter on the album does not follow any set pattern or purpose. "If one had any reason at all to believe that Col. Parker put more than an afternoon into assembling this album," writes the AllMusic Guide, "one might suspect he was aiming for a purposefully dada-esque approach, but apathy and ineptitude seems to be the only realistic explanations for this record's haphazard structure."
It managed to make it up to #130 on the Billboard album charts.
Source: Wikipedia

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Kiss - The Lost Alive II Album (1977)

One of the best Kiss bootlegs known to mankind! Professionally recorded, readily mixed and mastered. This material was obviously planned as the official Alive II release. The project was then cancelled and one year later the well-known studio-polished Alive II album was released.
Hearing the original recordings one can say, that most of the stuff on Alive II are overdubs layed down in the studio. Songs on this version are way rougher and more kick-ass versions than on the "commercialised" official version.
Rumors say that these live recordings were done at Tokyo's Budokan Hall during the 1977 Tour. The studio songs (tracks 12-16) are alternative versions or different mixes of the songs on Alive II.

Tracklist: 1. Detroit Rock City, 2. Take Me, 3. Ladies Room, 4. Do You Love Me?, 5. Makin' Love, 6. I Want You, 7. God of Thunder, 8. Cold Gin, 9. Beth, 10. Shout It Out Loud, 11. Rock And Roll All Nite, 12. Larger Than Live (Studio), 13. Rocket Ride (Studio), 14. All American Man (Studio), 15. Anyway You Want It (Studio), 16. Rockin' In the USA (Studio).

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I'm currently looking for the bootleg Ace's Last Stand - the last concert Ace Frehley played with Kiss (before the reunion) in Aukland, New Zealand, March 12th 1980. If anyone has it please contact me!

Turboneger - Live At Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway 24.05.1996

Norway's finest men, Turboneger/Turbonegro, captured live at Sentrum Scene in Oslo, Norway on May 25th 1996.
This gig is one of the first recordings of Turboneger with Euroboy (Knut Schreiner) on lead guitar - probably the first - before he officially joined the band, and before they recorded the Prince of the Rodeo 7" and the now infamous Apocalypse Dudes album. The rest of the band was at this time Hank Von Helvete (vocals), Happy-Tom (bass), Rune Rebellion (guitar) and Anders Gerner (drums).
The concert includes songs from their first three albums, Hot Cars & Spent Contraceptives, Never Is Forever and the at that time smoking fresh Ass Cobra (released the same month). Broadcast on Norwegian radio in 1996.

Tracklist: 1. A Dazzling Display of Talent, 2. The Midnight NAMBLA, 3. Deathtime, 4. Screwed & Tattooed, 5. Hobbit Motherfuckers, 6. Bad Mongo, 7. Just Flesh, 8. I morgen skal eg daue, 9. Librium Love, 10. I'm In Love With the Destructive Girl, 11. Denim Demon, 12. I Got Erection, 13. Mobile Home, 14. Good Head, 15. Raggare Is a Bunch of Motherfuckers.

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Greg Graffin - American Lesion (1997)

American Lesion is the first solo album from Bad Religion lead singer Greg Graffin, released under the name American Lesion in 1997.
Like his latest solo album Cold As the Clay (2006), this album is a massive departure for Graffin, whose songs with Bad Religion generally revolve around fast and loud guitars. American Lesion for the most part features Graffin's voice alone, and each song is based around an acoustic guitar or piano rather than electric guitars.
The song Cease is a slow piano ballad that is also featured on Bad Religion's album The Gray Race as a fast-paced punk-rock song.

Tracklist: 1. Opinion, 2. Fate's Cruel Hand, 3. Predicament, 4. The Fault Line, 5. When I Fail, 6. Cease (Bad Religion), 7. Maybe She Will, 8. The Elements, 9. In the Mirror, 10. Back to Earth.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Anton Szandor LaVey - The Satanic Mass (1968)

Anton Szandor LaVey was the founder of the Church of Satan, and served as their High Priest until his death on October 27th 1997. LaVey is best known as the author of the book The Satanic Bible, first released in 1969.
In 1968 LaVey and the Church of Satan released the first ever recording of a Satanic Ritual. This is a CD reissue of the original album, with a bonus track - The Battle Hymn of the Apocalypse (The Hymn of the Satanic Empire) - not available on the LP.
The first track is The Satanic Mass, performed in the building that served as the home and original location of the Church of Satan, led by Anton LaVey on Friday the 13th in September of Year III Anno Satanas (1968). Tracks 2-7 are recordings of LaVey reciting selections from The Satanic Bible. Enjoy a true Satanic experience on this Friday the 13th!
Lucifer is King - Hail Satan! ( Manowar quote to show off my great depth and wisdom).

Tracklist: 1. The Satanic Mass, 2. Prologue, 3. Book of Satan Verse I, 4. Book of Satan Verse II, 5. Book of Satan Verse III, 6. Book of Satan Verse IV, 7. Book of Satan Verse V, 8. The Battle Hymn of the Apocalypse (The Hymn of the Satanic Empire).

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Greg Graffin - Live At the Silver Wings Club, Berlin, Germany 04.05.2006

Bad Religion frontman Greg Graffin in a satellite broadcasted concert from the Silver Wings Club in Berlin, Germany May 4th 2006. Unplugged gig supporting his folksy soloalbum Cold As the Clay, released on Anti in the summer of 2006. This concert also includes rare unplugged versions of the Bad Religion songs Suffer, God Song, Cease, Sorrow and Dream of Unity.

Greg Graffin @ MySpace
Greg Graffin @ Epitaph

Tracklist: 1. Don't Be Afraid to Run, 2. Omie Wise, 3. Cold As the Clay, 4. God Song (Bad Religion), 5. Highway, 6. Talk About Suffering, 7. Suffer (Bad Religion), 8. Willie Moore, 9. Rebel's Goodbye, 10. Cease (Bad Religion), 11. The Watchmaker's Dial, 12. Sorrow (Bad Religion), 13. One More Hill, 14. Dream of Unity (Bad Religion).

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The Stooges - Live At the 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C. 05.04.2007

Iggy Pop, Ron Asheton, Scott Asheton, Mike Watt and Steve MacKay live at the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. April 5th 2007. The Stooges put on a great show as usual, and played a lot of songs from their new album The Weirdness - as well as classics from The Stooges, Fun House and a couple of tracks from Iggy's last solo album Skull Ring.

Tracklist: 1. Loose, 2. Down On the Street, 3. 1969, 4. I Wanna Be Your Dog, 5. TV Eye, 6. My Idea of Fun, 7. Dirt, 8. Real Cool Time, 9. No Fun, 10. 1970, 11. Fun House, 12. Skull Ring, 13. Little Electric Chair, 14. Trollin', 15. Not Right, 16. She Took My Money, 17. I'm Fried, 18. I Wanna Be Your Dog.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Turbonegro - Do You Do You Dig Destruction? (Radio Promo)(2007)

The brand new Turbonegro track Do You Do You Dig Destruction? from their forthcoming new album has just been released as a radio promo!
Turbonegro Biography (Alex Henderson, All Music Guide):
"Trashy, hedonistic, decadent fun was the focus of Turbonegro, a band that was formed in Oslo, Norway in the '90s but had more in common with '70s and '80s pop-metal, hard rock and glam metal than with the alternative rock that other Scandinavian bands were playing in the '90s.
Blending traces of punk with such influences as Alice Cooper, Quiet Riot, Mötley Crüe and Judas Priest, Turbonegro's late '90s recordings were over-the-top and proud of it.
Although all of its members are Norwegian, all of the band's lyrics are in English. Lead vocalist Hank Von Helvete, sings quite convincingly in English, and only the slightest traces of a Scandinavian accent come through. Other Turbonegro members of the late '90s included lead guitarist Euroboy, bassist Happy-Tom, rhythm guitarist Rune Rebellion, keyboardist/percussionist Pal Pot Pamparius, and drummer Chris Summers. In 1997, Turbonegro recorded Apocalypse Dudes, which was released in the U.S. by Man's Ruin in early 1999.
However, the group had broken up at the end of 1998; Darkness Forever!, a selection of live performances from the band's final year, was released in early 2001. The breakup, however, was short lived, and Turbonegro were back for tour dates in 2002, followed by the release of Scandanavian Leather in 2003.
A handful on northern European dates coincided the release of the band's seventh album, Party Animals, in 2005."
Included in this download is a scan of the disc (it comes without a cover) and a pressrelease in Norwegian. Enjoy!

1. Do You Do You Dig Destruction?

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VA - 1-2-3-4: Punk & New Wave 1976-1979 (1999)

100 outstanding tracks on 5 CDs from the top punk & new wave bands between 1976-1979. Including tracks from great bands such as Gang of Four, Johnny Thunders, Devo, Blondie, P.I.L., Dead Kennedys, The Clash, The Dickies, The Sex Pistols, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Damned, The Ramones, The Saints, Buzzcocks, Sham 69, Stiff Little Fingers, The Undertones, Dead Boys, The Dictators and many many more! A fantastic compilation!

Tracklist: 1. Complete Control - The Clash, 2. Anarchy In the UK - Sex Pistols, 3. New Rose - The Damned, 4. The Blitzkrieg Bop - The Ramones, 5. Shadow - The Lurkers, 6. Thinkin' Of the USA - Eater, 7. Ain't Bin to No Music School - The Nosebleeds, 8. Borstal Breakout - Sham 69, 9. I Hate School - Suburban Studs, 10. G.L.C - Menace, 11. One Chord Wonders - The Adverts, 12. Right to Work - Chelsea, 13. Johnny Won't Get To Heaven - The Killjoys, 14. Bone Idol - The Drones, 15. Where Have A Ll The Boot Boys Gone - Slaughter, 16. C.I.D. -UK Subs, 17. Can't Wait 'Til '78 - The Wasps, 18. Ambition - Subway Sect, 19. Stranded(I'm) - The Saints, 20. Orgasm Addict - Buzzcocks, 21. In The City - The Jam, 22. Your Generation - Generation X, 23. First Time - The Boys, 24. Grip(Gat A)(On Yourself) - The Stranglers, 25. Don't Dictate - Penetration, 26. In A Rut - The Ruts, 27. Big Time - Rudi, 28. Don't Ring Me Up - Protex, 29. Justa Nother Teenage Rebel - The Outcasts, 30. Solitary Confinement - The Members, 31. Emergency - 999, 32. 19 & Mad - Leyton Buzzards, 33. I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher - Not Sensible, 34. Romford Girls - Riff Raff, 35. Sick Of You - The Users, 36. Gabrielle - The Nips, 37. Where Are You? - The Mekons, 38. Murder Of Liddle Towers - Angelic Upstarts, 39. Oh Bondage Up Yours! - X Ray Spex, 40. Sweet Suburbia - Skids, 41. Televison Screen - The Radiators From Space, 42. Alternative Ulster - Stiff Little Fingers, 43. Teenage Kicks - The Undertones, 44. Teenage Depression - Eddie And The Hot Rods, 45. Rich Kids - Rich Kids, 46. Baby Baby - The Vibrators, 47. Suffice To Say - Yachts, 48. Roadrunner - Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers, 49. Don't Care - Klark Kent, 50. Nervous Wreck - Radio Stars, 51. Up Against The Wall - Tom Robinson Band, 52. So It Goes - Nick Lowe, 53. Police Car - Larry Wallis, 54. Hard Lovin' Man - Johnny Moped, 55. Love And A Molotov Cocktail - The Flys, 56. Where's Captain Kirk? - Spizzenergi, 57. Sonic Reducer - Dead Boys, 58. Search And Destroy - The Dictators, 59. Born To Lose - The Heartbreakers, 60. The Modern Dance - Pere Ubu, 61. Fuck Off - The Eletric Chairs, 62. California Uber Alles - Dead Kennedys, 63. Blank Generation(I Belong To The) - Richard Hell, 64. 10:15 Saturday Night - The Cure, 65. Rip Her to Shreds - Blondie, 66. I Can't Stand My Baby - The Rezillos, 67. All I Want - Santch, 68. Looking After No. 1 - The Boomtown Rats, 69. Take Me I'm Yours - Squeeze, 70. Sex Drugs & Rock & Roll - Ian Dury And The, 71. Spanish Troll, 72. Is She Really Going Out With Him? - Joe Jackson, 73. Whole Wide World - Wreckless Eric, 74. Part Time Punks - Television Personalities, 75. Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart - Patrik Fitzgerald, 76. You Can't Put You Arms Around a Memory - Johnny Thunders, 77. Psycle Sluts(Part 1) - John Cooper Clarke, 78. Jilted John - Jilted John, 79. Kill - Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias, 80. Paranoid - The Dickies, 81. Public Image - Public Image LTD, 82. Warsaw - Joy Division, 83. The Staircase(Mystery) - Siouxie And The Banshees, 84. Damaged Goods - Gang of Four, 85. You - Aus Pairs, 86. How Much Longer - Alternative Tv, 87. Read About Seymour - Swell Maps, 88. Young Parisans - Adam & The Ants, 89. The Monochrome Set - The Monochrome Set, 90. We Are All Prostitutes - The Pop Group, 91. Typical Girls - The Slits, 92. Mannequin - Wire, 93. Shot By Both Sides - Magazine, 94. Science Fiction - XTC, 95. Do The Standing Still - The Tables, 96. "Another Girl, Another Planet - The Only Ones, 97. Young Savage - Ultravox!, 98. Puppet Life - Punishment Of Luxury, 99. Jocko Homo - Devo, 100. Marquee Moon - Televison.

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The Stooges - The Weirdness (Vinyl Only Bonus Tracks) (2007)

Forty years after the band first formed in Ann Arbor, Mich., The Stooges and their inexhaustibly explosive frontman Iggy Pop have returned with a new album. The Weirdness is the group's first full album of new material since 1973's Raw Power.
The new recording features The Stooges' original guitarist Ron Asheton, his brother, drummer Scott Asheton and saxophonist Steve Mackay, with Mike Watt from the punk band the Minutemen on bass. The Stooges' original bassist Dave Alexander died in 1975.
The Stooges wrote more than 30 songs for the new record at a cottage in Fla., then rehearsed in Ann Arbor, Mich. before they entered the Chicago studio of esteemed producer Steve Albini (sic) in early October of 2006. The album was mastered in the UK at the legendary Abbey Road Studios.
Iggy Pop decided to reform The Stooges in 2003 while he was working on his latest solo album Skull Ring. He invited the Asheton-brothers to contribute to four songs on the disc and the reunion seeds were planted. Then, in April of that year, the full band (with Watt on bass) played its first show together in 30 years at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Coachella, California.
Though they only released three records between 1969 and 1973 before breaking up, the Stooges were and remain one of the most influential rock bands of all time. Now considered ahead of their time, The Stooges laid the foundation for punk rock.
The double vinyl edition has four extra tracks not available on other formats - including a cover of the Lennon/McCartney-song I Wanna Be Your Man.

1. O Solo Mio
2. Claustrophobia
3. I Wanna Be Your Man
4. Sounds of Leather

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Stooges - SXSW Sessions, KEXP, 16.03.2007

The reunited Stooges in a short live performance from the South By Southwest Festival last month. The band plays four songs from their new album The Weirdness. This recording also includes a short interview with Iggy after the first song. Recorded and produced by Seattle radiostation KEXP.

1. Intro
2. Trollin'
3. Interview
4. ATM
5. My Idea of Fun
6. She Took My Money

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The History of Norwegian Rock, Vol. 1-6

Norsk rocks historie, Vol. 1: Rock 'n' Roll 1958-1960
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Norsk rocks historie, Vol. 2: Shadowstida 1960-1964
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Norsk rocks historie, Vol. 3: Beatgrupper 1964-1967
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Norsk rocks historie, Vol. 4: Rhytm 'n' blues & psykedelia 1966-1969
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Norsk rocks historie, Vol. 5: Fra viserock til rock på norsk 1969-1977
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Norsk rocks historie, Vol. 6: Progressiv rock 1971-1977
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Samhain - Box Set (2000)

The Samhain Box Set was released in 2000, more than 13 years after Samhain effectively ceased recording and performing. The set's five CDs and one VHS tape compile nearly all of the band's original catalogue, newly remastered for the original mastertapes, and a wealth of previously unreleased material, the latter of which includes a live CD and a VHS video cassette of live footage.
Of Samhain's previous official releases, only the original mix of the Unholy Passion EP was not included in the Box Set; conjecture is that the original master tapes had been lost over the years, or were erased when Danzig re-recorded the guitar and some vocal tracks to those songs in June 1987.
The Box Set initially retailed at around $60.00 USD, and is now out of print. If pre-ordered online through distributor E-Magine Music's website, the first pressing of the Box Set was shipped two weeks prior to the street date, and was packaged with a bonus metal pin of the "scarecrow beast" character that appeared on Samhain T-shirts in the 1980s (similar to the one on the cover of the November-Coming-Fire album). In all pressings, each of the five CDs came in its own "mini-LP" sleeve within the box, but when they were re-released individually the following year, these sleeves were replaced with normal CD jewel-cases.
Source: Wikipedia

Disc 1/Initium: 1. Intrium/Samhain, 2. Black Dream, 3. All Murder, All Guts, All Fun, 4. Macabre, 5. He-Who-Can-Not-Be-Named, 6. Horror Biz, 7. The Shift, 8. The Howl, 9. Archangel.
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Disc 2/Unholy Passion: 1. Unholy Passion, 2. All Hell, 3. Moribund, 4. The Hungry End, 5. Misery Tomb, 6. I Am Misery.
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Disc 3/Samhain III: November-Coming-Fire: 1. Diablos '88, 2. In My Grip, 3. Mother of Mercy, 4. To Walk the Night, 5. Birthright, 6. Let the Day Begin, 7. Halloween II, 8. November's Fire, 9. Kiss of Steel, 10. Unbridled, 11. Human Pony Girl.
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Disc 4/Final Descent: 1. Night Chill, 2. Descent, 3. Death... In Its Arms, 4. Lords of the Left Hand, 5. The Birthing, 6. Twist of Cain, 7. Lords of the Left Hand (2nd Version), 8. Trouble, 9. Possession.
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Disc 5/Samhain Live '85-'86: 1. All Hell, 2. Samhain, 3. The Shift, 4. The Howl, 5. Unholy Passion, 6. All Murder, All Guts, All Fun, 7. I Am Misery, 8. The Hungy End, 9. Horror Biz, 10. He-Who-Can-Not-Be-Named, 11. Black Dream, 12. Death Comes Ripping, 13. Mother of Mercy, 14. To Walk the Night, 15. Halloween II, 16. In My Grip, 17. London Dungeon, 18. Archangel.
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Monday, April 9, 2007

The Stooges - 1970: The Complete Fun House Sessions (1999)

Over several days during the month of May 1970, The Stooges went into Elektra Sounds Recorders in Los Angeles to cut what would be their second, and ultimately final, album for the label. The idea was to capture, as close as possible, the sound of a Stooges concert on vinyl disc. To that end each track was recorded live in the studio again and again over many days; in the end, seven tracks were edited out of these session reels and rearranged and assembled to make up the original 1970 album.
Though a poor seller and almost universally panned upon initial release, Fun House has since been recognized as a true American classic. It is loud, breathtaking music without which much of the punk and hard rock that followed would be unimaginable.
What you have known for almost thirty years as a 36-minute long proto-punk masterpiece is now presented in its complete 7-hour and 52-minute recording session entirety – that’s more than seven hours of previously unreleased recordings from Iggy and company. Every take from every Fun House session, in order, exactly as The Stooges recorded them - all the music, mayhem, false starts, inside jokes, and equipment hum.
Everything on this 7-CD set has been remastered from scratch from the original multi-tracks. And in addition to all the alternate takes of the Fun House tracks we've known and loved for decades, there are two previously unheard songs which never made it onto that original disc, as well as a remastered version of the original "Down On The Street" b/w "I Feel Alright (1970)" single. Of the 142-tracks (109 are music and 33 are studio dialogue), all but nine are previously unreleased.
Source: Rhino Handmade

Disc 1: Download - MegaUpload
Disc 2: Download - MegaUpload
Disc 3: Download - MegaUpload
Disc 4: Download - MegaUpload
Disc 5: Download - MegaUpload
Disc 6&7: Download - MegaUpload
Uploaded by Misha 4 Music

VA - Kiss Covered In Scandinavia (1997)

A bunch of Swedish bands pay homage to Kiss - and for some weird reason they call it a Scandinavian tribute... Featuring The Hellacopters, Entombed and Sator. Also includes a total of 22 minutes of interviews with each Kiss member. This compilation was only released in Sweden.

Tracklist: 1. Moon Flower - Detroit Rock City, 2. Håkan Hemlin & Mike Nilsson - Cold Gin, 3. Lindgren 5 Steps - Escape From the Island, 4. Entombed - God of Thunder, 5. Leila K - Rock Bottom, 6. The Creeps - Beth, 7. Borgvall Chamber Ensemble - Goin' Blind, 8. The Hellacopters - All American Man, 9. Infinite Mass - Black Diamond, 10. Sator - C'Mon and Love Me, 11. Dia Psalma - Love Gun, 12. Livin' Sacrifice - Do You Love Me, 13. Gone - Parasite, 14. Happy Nite Quartet - Rock and Roll All Nite, 15. Kiss Talks, 16. Kiss Talks.

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Manowar - Demo (1981)

After the release of their latest album, Gods of War, its hard to imagine that Manowar once used to be a great metal band. These are the two first tracks Manowar recorded, Shell Shock and Battle Hymn, in authentic lo-fi.
This early Manowar demo features Karl Kennedy on the drums, who was later replaced by Donnie Hamzik before the recording of their 1982 debut Battle Hymns. The rest of the members on these tracks are Eric Adams (vocals), Joey De Maio (bass) and Ross the Boss (guitar).
Warning: The soundquality is terrible - I've tried to clean it up, remove most of the noise and enhance the sound, but it still sounds like a bad 15th generation tape copy.
Death to false metal!

1. Shell Shock
2. Battle Hymn

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Bad Religion - Into the Unknown (1983)

Into the Unknown is the second album by Bad Religion, which was released in 1983. The album was a major change from their previous style, delving into progressive rock heavy in keyboards, though it wasn't at all popular as fans at the time were confused by the sudden style shift. When the band released the 1991 compilation album 80-85, a collection of recordings before their third album Suffer, Into the Unknown was not part of the compilation, also partly due to the band changing their style.
The album is widely reputed to have been a major factor in their 1984 breakup as the recording sessions were riddled with discord. As a matter of fact, drummer Pete Finestone and bass player Jay Bentley left during the recording of the first song.
Only 10.000 of these albums were produced and distributed, but almost all were quickly returned to Epitaph's warehouse. Guitarist Brett Gurewitz jokingly recalls having "[sent out] ten thousand copies and [getting] eleven thousand back." However, many did in fact end up in the hands of fans, when Brett Gurewitz's girlfriend Suzy Shaw, who worked at the warehouse, surreptitiously sold all but 300 of them.
The album is generally disowned by the band, and there has never been a second pressing. Despite its abandonment however, it has become highly desirable and is now something of a collector's item. The band has commented on the album on their site saying that they are not trying to hide it from fans, and that anyone who listens to it will understand why they have never re-released it.
Source: Wikipedia

Tracklist: 1. It's Only Over When…, 2. Chasing the Wild Goose, 3. Billy Gnosis, 4. Time and Disregard, 5. The Dichotomy, 6. Million Days, 7. Losing Generation, 8. …You Give Up.

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VA - Ellediller & krokofanter: En hyllest til Knutsen & Ludvigsen (1996)

A Norwegian tribute to the legendary Knutsen & Ludvigsen – featuring some of Norways most famous bands, including great performances from Motorpsycho, Israelvis, Cockroach Clan and Gartnerlosjen.

Tracklist: 1. Racer - Dum og deilig, 2. Tre små kinesere - Matpakkespisevise, 3. Astroburger - Sov godt, 4. Pogo Pops - Kanskje kommer Kongen (m/Ludvigsen), 5. Israelvis - Dyrevise (m/Knutsen), 6. De Lillos - Jeg er en forhekset prinsesse, 7. Cockroach Clan - Kenguruvise, 8. Funny Farm - Klomse, 9. Motorpsycho - Syk, 10. Vampire State Building - Måneland, 11. Gartnerlosjen - Byggesketsj, 12. Noodle - Grevling i taket, 13. Skrømt - Kaptein Knutsen, 14. Poor Rich Ones - Knutsens drøm.

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VA - Flaming Youth: A Norwegian Tribute to Kiss (1994)

This long out of print Norwegian Kiss tribute album released in 1994 is a real treat not just for a Kiss-fan, but also for all fans of Norwegian rock in general.

Tracklist: 1. Graceland & Dead Joe - Deuce, 2. Grünt People & Linda Johansen - Strutter, 3. Ram Jam - Love Gun, 4. Mother's Love - Mainline, 5. Hedge Hog - Parasite, 6. The Stuck - Tomorrow, 7. Blant De Primitive - Calling Dr. Love, 8. Motorpsycho & Dag Ingebrigtsen - Shock Me, 9. Gartnerlosjen - Beth, 10. Paraplegic - She, 11. Merry Go Round - Coming Home, 12. Spacemen Spiff - Strange Ways, 13. Lost At Last - Watchin' You, 14. DumDum Boys - Shout It Out Loud, 15. Muck - Cold Gin, 16. The Jungle Medics - I Was Made for Lovin' You, 17. Cosmic Dropouts - Rock and Roll All Nite, 18. Bare Egil Band - Hils Paul Stanley fra meg.

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Kiss - Best of Solo Albums (1981)

The Best of Solo Albums was released exclusively in Europe and is a "greatest hits" of the four solo albums from the members of Kiss, released back in 1978. Best of Solo Albums featured three songs from each members album. Considering the quality of the songs the album probably would be better of with less tracks from Gene Simmons and Peter Criss, and some more from Ace Frehley or Paul Stanley... but regardless of that its a pretty cool compilation of tracks spawning from one of the most retarded ideas in rock history.

Tracklist: 1. Ace Frehley - New York Groove, 2. Ace Frehley - Rip It Out, 3. Ace Frehley - Speedin' Back to My Baby, 4. Peter Criss - You Matter to Me, 5. Peter Criss - Tossin' and Turnin', 6. Peter Criss - Hocked On Rock and Roll, 7. Gene Simmons - Radioactive, 8. Gene Simmons - Mr. Make Believe, 9. Gene Simmons - See You In Your Dreams, 10. Paul Stanley - Tonight You Belong to Me, 11. Paul Stanley - Move On, 12. Paul Stanley - Hold Me, Touch Me (Think of Me When We're Apart).

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VA - SST Godhead Storedude In-Store Play Device #5 (1988)

Great compilation from SST Records, released in 1988. Originally this cassette was given to music stores for in-store playing, to promote the artists on SST. Includes tracks from well known acts such as Hüsker Dü, HR of Bad Brains, Screaming Trees, Sonic Youth and of course Black Flag.

Tracklist, Pt. 1: 1. Universal Congress Of - High Time, 2. Sister Double Happiness - Poodle Dog, 3. Divine Horsemen - Handful of Sand, 4. Run Westy Run - Heck House, 5. Treacherous Willie - Detonate, 6. Painted Willie - My Fellow Americans, 7. HR - Keep Out of Reach, 8. Das Kamen - Firejoke, 9. Hüsker Dü - Don't Try to Call, 10. Firehose - Rhymin' Spielin', 11. Black Flag - Louie Louie, 12. Carbon - Larynx, 13. Everett Shock - Ghost Boys
Tracklist, Pt. 2: 1. Always August - Flatlands, 2. Zoogz Rift - Here There and Everywhere, 3. Screaming Trees - Barriers, 4. HR - Now You Say, 5. Brian Ritchie - Atomkrieg, 6. Mofungo - The Wit and Wisdom of Judge Bork, 7. Sonic Youth - Sonik Death, 8. Ras Michael - Jealous, 9. HR - It's About Luv, 10. Cruel Frederick - Lonely Woman, 11. Tar Babies - Wisdom Drill, 12. Alter Natives - Caffiend.

Part 1:
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Part 2:
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Henry Rollins - Ancienne Belgique, Brüssels 14.04.1990

The first posting from my collection of Henry Rollins spoken word-bootlegs is this show from Ancienne Belgique in Brüssels, Belgium on April 14th 1990.
This is a great show with top notch material and fine sound quality. The total lenght of the show is just over an hour, and the show ends with the fantastic story about when Hank almost killed Bono of U2. Enjoy the show!

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The Henry Rollins Show & Harmony In My Head

Next Friday (April 13th) Henry Rollins returns to the screen with the second season of his fantastic TV-show The Henry Rollins Show on IFC. The first episode features the outspoken Marilyn Manson in the interview part of the show, and Peaches as the musical performer.
To view the TV-show - when not in the US - the only option is to download the show from sites such as The Pirate Bay or Demonoid.
Henry also makes an amazing radioshow called Harmony In My Head for Indie 103.1 - and that show is available as a direct stream from their website. But for people living in Europe the show streams in the middle of the night, so downloading it to your computer is strongly recomended.
For weekly updates and downloads of the radioshow, look no further than to the imaculate Rollins Archive. They provide the world with fresh material from the mouth of Hank every Tuesday.

I'll do my best to upload my huge collection of Rollins spoken word-bootlegs to this blog in the coming weeks/months, so stay tuned!

The Henry Rollins Show
Harmony In My Head
Rollins Archive

Sunday, April 8, 2007

Parasite - Demo (1993)

The first and only release from this now legendary thrash metal band from Mo i Rana, Norway. This demo was recorded in a small studio in the basement of a local musicstore in January/February of 1993, and was only available on cassette. Parasite disbanded shortly after the recording of this demo.

The members of Parasite were Tom Opdahl (guitar), Jan A. Vatnan (drums), Eirik Pedersen (bass) and Eivind Eliassen (vocals).

1. Vampire
2. Warrior
3. Stealer
4. Parasite

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