Saturday, April 14, 2007

Greg Graffin - American Lesion (1997)

American Lesion is the first solo album from Bad Religion lead singer Greg Graffin, released under the name American Lesion in 1997.
Like his latest solo album Cold As the Clay (2006), this album is a massive departure for Graffin, whose songs with Bad Religion generally revolve around fast and loud guitars. American Lesion for the most part features Graffin's voice alone, and each song is based around an acoustic guitar or piano rather than electric guitars.
The song Cease is a slow piano ballad that is also featured on Bad Religion's album The Gray Race as a fast-paced punk-rock song.

Tracklist: 1. Opinion, 2. Fate's Cruel Hand, 3. Predicament, 4. The Fault Line, 5. When I Fail, 6. Cease (Bad Religion), 7. Maybe She Will, 8. The Elements, 9. In the Mirror, 10. Back to Earth.

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