Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Manson Family - The Manson Family Sings the Charles Manson Songbook (1971)

"Charles Milles Manson (b. November 12, 1934) is a convict who led the "Manson Family," a quasi-commune that arose in the U.S. state of California in the later 1960s. He was found guilty of conspiracy to commit the Tate-LaBianca murders, which members of the group carried out at his instruction. Through the joint-responsibility rule of conspiracy, he was convicted of the murders themselves.
Manson is forever associated with "Helter Skelter", the term he took from the Beatles song of that name and construed as a race-based conflict that the crimes were intended to precipitate. This unusual connection with rock music linked him, from the beginning of his notoriety, with pop culture, in which he became a symbol of transgression, rebellion, evil, ghoulishness, bloody violence, homicidal psychosis, and the macabre. Ultimately, the term was used as the title of the book that prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi wrote about the Manson murders.
At the time the Family began to form, Manson was an unemployed ex-convict, who had spent half his life in correctional institutions for a variety of offenses. In the period before the murders, he was a distant fringe member of the Los Angeles music industry, chiefly via a chance association with Beach Boy Dennis Wilson. After Manson was charged with the crimes, recordings of songs written and performed by him were released commercially; a number of artists have covered his songs in the decades since".
Source: Wikipedia

Tracklist: 1. Ra-Hide Away, 2. The Fires Are Burning, 3. Die to Be One, 4. No Wrong Come Along, 5. Get On Home, 6. Is There No One In Your World But You?, 7. First They Made Me Sleep In the Closet, 8. Give Your Love (To Be Free), 9. I'll Never Say Never to Always, 10. Look At Your Love, 11. If I Had a Million Dollars, 12. Goin' to the Church House.
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