Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Elvis Presley - Elvis' Greatest Shit (1983)

Elvis' Greatest Shit is a bootleg released in the early 80s filled with really crappy songs from Elvis movies, along with alternate versions of a few good songs in less than great versions.
Those of us who think of Elvis as a great artist really need to hear this, to remind us all of what he was capable of. It's hard to say what is harder to hear? The version of the beautiful Are You Lonesome Tonight where Elvis slobbers his way through half-remembered lyrics, or the simple existence of officially released Elvis songs called Yoga Is As Yoga Does, Queenie Wahine's Papaya or Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce? Perhaps the "best" of this shit is Dominic the Impotent Bull, which is indeed what the song is about.
The bootleg-label Dog Vomit Records has recently released an expanded version of this album, with over 30 tracks - but this one will have to do for now. Enjoy!

Tracklist: 1. Old Mac DonaId Had a Farm, 2. Ito Eats, 3. There's No Room to Rhumba In a Sports Car, 4. Confidence, 5. Yoga Is As Yoga Does, 6. Song of the Shrimp, 7. U.S. Male, 8. Ford Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, 9. Signs of the Zodiac, 10. The Bullfighter Was a Lady, 11. Wolf Call, 12. Can't Help Falling In Love, 13. He's Your Uncle Not Your Dad, 14. Scratch My Back Then I'll Scratch Yours, 15. The Walls Have Ears, 16. Poison Ivy League, 17. Beach Boy Blues, 18. Dominic the Impotent Bull, 19. Queenie Wahine's Papaya, 20. Do the Clamhake, 21. Datin', 22. Are You Lonesome Tonight?, 23. Outro.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Elvis is King..so what he put out bad songs, who hasn't? Frank Sinatra...half his songs are crap (it's hard being green indeed). The Rolling Stones, anything after 1980 is mostly crap. The Beatles, half their over hyped songs, are crap not to mention the Paul MacCartney solo career oofa!

Why is Elvis always charged and everyone else! Dummies you are.

Don't pick on Elvis! He Rules!

Anonymous said...

^ loser

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Elvis' Greatest Shit... Finally!! Thanks so much for the post -- I've been looking for this record for over 15 years now, and wow it's a keeper. This has some of the best stuff recorded in the 60s, showcasing his sense of humour and devil-may-care attitude... which is why I'm a fan of the king. Together with the "Having Fun Onstage" series, this is one heck of a compilation. Cheers for taking care of business! Ow!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent share. Thanks!