Monday, April 30, 2007

Bad Religion - Sentrum Scene, Oslo 13.03.1996

Since I'm going to Oslo this week to see Sanctity, Annihilator and Trivium at Sentrum Scene, I won't be posting much here in the coming days. In the meantime you can enjoy this recording from the last time I was at Sentrum Scene, way back in 1996, to see the American punk legends Bad Religion.
This is a very low circulation bootleg from The Gray Race tour, with great sound quality. It's imported straight from the master tape and converted to mp3's. There's some minor glitches here and there because of problems with the recorder, and the songs Fuck Armageddon and Faith Alone are missing the end and beginning due to turning the tape - and the last track, Best For You, is cut short due to running out of tape...
Included in the zip-file are scans of the flyer, an ad from a newspaper, the ticket and a review of the show from the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. Enjoy!

Tracklist: 1. American Jesus, 2. No Control, 3. The Handshake, 4. 21st Century Digital Boy, 5. The Gray Race, 6. Drunk Sicerity, 7. Anesthesia, 8. What It Is, 9. Watch It Die, 10. Modern Man, 11. Change of Ideas, 12. Parallel, 13. Cease, 14. You Are the Government, 15. A Walk, 16. Do What You Want, 17. Fuck Armageddon... This Is Hell, 18. Faith Alone, 19. Punk Rock Song, 20. Along the Way, 21. Suffer, 22. Generator, 23. Empty Causes, 24. Come Join Us, 25. Pessimistic Lines, 26. The Answer, 27. Leave Mine to Me, 28. Pity the Dead, 29. Recipe For Hate, 30. Infected, 31. Ten In 2010, 32. We're Only Gonna Die, 33. Lookin' In, 34. Best For You.

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