Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Paul Stanley - I Can't Hear You People! (2006)

After hearing that great collection of on-stage-rants by Elvis posted earlier today, you're probably ready to take it to the next level...
Here's a large (...too large) collection of completely rediculous rants from The Starchild - Paul Stanley of Kiss.
Paul Stanley (born Stanley Harvey Eisen, January 20th 1952, Manhattan, New York) is an American rock guitarist and vocalist for the rock band Kiss. He is the writer or co-writer of most of the band's highest-charting hits.
Paul's persona in Kiss is "The Starchild". Wearing spandex and platform boots, Stanley's persona is that of a Don Juan-esque lover, combining effeminate elements with elements of extreme masculinity, rather than mere androgyny.
Although Paul's voice is generally very soft and eloquent during normal conversation, he uses a specific "stage voice" which is like a "Rock N' Roll Preacher" unlike most leading rock frontmen, he gets the crowd to join the band in many of their classic hits and also tends to give a speech or "scripted" story for certain songs (i.e.having sexual encounters with nurses and other women he's met on tour and how much he supports US troops overseas).
Source: Wikipedia

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