Monday, April 9, 2007

Manowar - Demo (1981)

After the release of their latest album, Gods of War, its hard to imagine that Manowar once used to be a great metal band. These are the two first tracks Manowar recorded, Shell Shock and Battle Hymn, in authentic lo-fi.
This early Manowar demo features Karl Kennedy on the drums, who was later replaced by Donnie Hamzik before the recording of their 1982 debut Battle Hymns. The rest of the members on these tracks are Eric Adams (vocals), Joey De Maio (bass) and Ross the Boss (guitar).
Warning: The soundquality is terrible - I've tried to clean it up, remove most of the noise and enhance the sound, but it still sounds like a bad 15th generation tape copy.
Death to false metal!

1. Shell Shock
2. Battle Hymn

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