Monday, April 9, 2007

The Henry Rollins Show & Harmony In My Head

Next Friday (April 13th) Henry Rollins returns to the screen with the second season of his fantastic TV-show The Henry Rollins Show on IFC. The first episode features the outspoken Marilyn Manson in the interview part of the show, and Peaches as the musical performer.
To view the TV-show - when not in the US - the only option is to download the show from sites such as The Pirate Bay or Demonoid.
Henry also makes an amazing radioshow called Harmony In My Head for Indie 103.1 - and that show is available as a direct stream from their website. But for people living in Europe the show streams in the middle of the night, so downloading it to your computer is strongly recomended.
For weekly updates and downloads of the radioshow, look no further than to the imaculate Rollins Archive. They provide the world with fresh material from the mouth of Hank every Tuesday.

I'll do my best to upload my huge collection of Rollins spoken word-bootlegs to this blog in the coming weeks/months, so stay tuned!

The Henry Rollins Show
Harmony In My Head
Rollins Archive

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Rollins-Archive said...

Immaculate? :-) Wow, thanks for the compliment and the link!

I have a new broadband connection as of this past weekend, so I think I can get things posted even faster. Can't wait to try it out with tonight's show!