Saturday, April 5, 2008

VA - Michigan Nuggets (2000)

Todays treat is this excellent compilation of rarities and long lost hits from the Detroit era. I've noticed that this album is available on some other blogs, but some of them seem to be missing track 7 - so here it is in its full 31 track glory!
"A limited edition (1000 copies), unauthorized double album of Michigan rock from the '60s. It's real difficult to find these days, but it's one of the very best garage-oriented compilations of the era, and a pretty diverse one. There's hot White soul from the Rationals, a rare single by the Amboy Dukes, fetchingly raw folk-rock from the Human Beinzs and the Underdogs, burning garage punk from the Unrelated Segments, and even a castrato Four Seasons imitation by Tim Tam & the Turn-Ons. The heart of the collection, however, are the five early, pre-Elektra sides by the MC5, which are garage rock at its most metallic and furious, and the Dylanesque mid-'60s hard rock sides by Bob Seger, a good decade before he broke nationally. The sound is excellent, as are the liner notes; it's worth paying collector prices for".
Source: All Music Guide

Tracklist: 1. The Woolies - Who Do You Love, 2. Bob Seger & The Last Heard - East Side Story, 3. The Rationals - Respect, 4. MC5 - Looking At You, 5. The Unrelated Segments - Where You Gonna Go?, 6. The Shy Guys - We Gotta Go, 7. Underdogs - Love's Gone Bad, 8. Terry Knight & The Pack - What's On Your Mind?, 9. The Human Beings - Because I Love Her, 10. MC5 - Borderline, 11. The Tidal Waves - Farmer John, 12. Bob Seger & The Last Heard - Persecution Smith, 13. ? & The Mysterians - Can't Get Enough of You Baby, 14. Southbound Freeway - Psychedelic Used Car Lot Blues, 15. The Rationals - Sing, 16. The Wanted - In the Midnight Hour, 17. The Rationals - Leavin' Here, 18. The Bob Seger System - Lookin' Back, 19. MC5 - I Can Only Give You Everything, 20. The Amboy Dukes - You Talk Sunshine, I Breathe Fire, 21. Underdogs - The Man In the Glass, 22. MC5 - One of the Guys, 23. Bob Seger & The Last Heard - Chain Smokin', 24. Dr. Jack Van Impe - An Important Message, 25. Bob Seger & The Last Heard - Heavy Music, Pt. 2, 26. The Rationals - I Need You, 27. MC5 - I Just Don't Know, 28. Tim Tam & The Turn-Ons - Wait a Minute, 29. Ormandy - Good Day, 30. The Beach Bums - Ballad of the Yellow Beret, 31. Bob Seger & The Last Heard - Sock It to Me, Santa.
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Anonymous said...

At last! With the Underdogs track! Thanks for posting this. How the record was put together and who did it is a brilliant story. Clinton Heylin interviewed the guy, called 'Richard', responsible for 10 album Dylan and Zappa sets in the 70s (among other extraordinary things), in his book Great White Wonders. The book is worth reading just for the story about the lunatics who produced the Led Zeppelin 75 album boxed set.

saffo said...

what we really need (please) here is the 2 lp boot lp comp. that came out in the late 80's called "michigan mixture" bother "killer" and full of awesome rare heavy psych and garage rock, plus this woulda been most people's first listen to the UP 45, both cuts were on these comps. if anyone has these please get them onta a cdr and post them on some sort of blog or something

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think I have Mixture Vol. 2,Grand Rapids-area bands. Really astounding stuff, esp. given that the GR area is so pleasantly bland. I'm hoping for more older MI live shows to surface. Underdogs and Rationals rule.