Friday, April 18, 2008

The Dictators - Irving Plaza 07.02.1981

THE WEEKEND! Here's some more of the fabulous Dictators. This time it's a show from the Irving Plaza in New York, back in February of 1981 - recorded just four days before the legendary live cassette "Fuck 'Em If they Can't Take a Joke", later re-released on LP & CD as "New York New York", both on Roir.
"The Dictators are one of the monster bands of all time. Long before the Beastie Boys, they were there posin' at the White Castle as a heavy metal joke, a bunch of punks before there was punk with all the subtlety of a body slam - loud, obnoxious and fun".
Maximum Rock N' Roll

Traclist: 1. The Next Big Thing, 2. Science Gone Too Far, 3. Weekend, 4. New York, New York, 5. Minnesota Strip, 6. No Tomorrow, 7. Loyola, 8. Talahassee Lassie, 9. What Goes On, 10. Faster and Louder, 11. Moon Upstairs, 12. Young, Fast and Scientific, 13. Search and Destroy, 14. Slow Death.
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The Official Dictators Website / The Dictators @ Wikipedia


Anonymous said...

Thankx, Dictator forever - forever Dictators.


Jobe said...

Thanks for this one.