Friday, April 4, 2008

New spoken word CD & DVD from Henry Rollins

Henry Rollins has just released a new spoken word CD/DVD pack named "Provoked: Quintessentially American Editorializing and Storytelling". This double feature is available for only $10 from his store
"Recorded live on 11/6/07 at San Francisco’s Herbst Theatre and 1/23/08 at Amsterdam’s Paradiso during Rollins’ 2007/2008 “Provoked” spoken word tour. The CD contains over an hour of hilarious and insightful commentary on topics ranging from Larry Craig to the recent Van Halen reunion with pit stops along the way to discuss kids these days, gay marriage, and the current president’s creative use of the English language. Includes a bonus DVD: "Live and Ripped from London" originally aired as a well-received television special on Comedy Central and not previously released on DVD".

Order it HERE!

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