Friday, April 18, 2008

Foxboro Hot Tubs - Stop Drop and Roll!!! (2008)

Not going for the WOW! factor here, but this side project from the guys in Green Day really got my attention after I downloaded it today. It has a clean 60s style vibe complete with the organ and a swinging beat.
"The Foxboro Hot Tubs is an American garage rock band. The group made its first appearance on the music scene in December 2007, debuting three songs on its website, Soon after, Foxboro Hot Tubs were discovered and subsequently made headlines, being heralded as the next secret side project of Green Day.
Foxboro Hot Tubs has been confirmed as Green Day. While the band's history is, as yet, unknown, they are comprised of the members of Green Day, who are performing "garage" music under a nom de plume. Fans of Foxboro Hot Tubs have noted, on the group's MySpace site, many musical similarities between the band and Green Day. Among the common traits listed are Billie Joe Armstrong's "unmistakable" vocals and guitar playing, and a rhythm section which recalls the sound of Green Day's own Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool.
Stop Drop and Roll is the first record from the band. The first six tracks of the album were made freely available on, beginning on December 8, 2007. They have since been removed and replaced with a web site advertising the album. It is speculated that Stop Drop and Roll will be released on CD and vinyl.
Musically, the songs exhibit influences as diverse as The Stooges, Iggy Pop, The Smiths, The Hi-Fives, and Tommy James and the Shondells. Some have compared the band's sound to more modern acts, such as The Strokes, The Hives, Arctic Monkeys, Wir sind Helden and The Fratellis - all of whom share common influences with Foxboro Hot Tubs. Initial reports described the record as having a "'60s style" sound.
One thing about the album which is markedly different from most acknowledged Green Day releases is its use of samples. On the initial release of the first six songs, audio clips from various classic films are inserted at the beginning of each track. For example, "Stop Drop and Roll" and "She's a Saint, Not a Celebrity" are preceded by samples from the 1966 film Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, while "Ruby Room" contains a clip from the 1970 cult classic Beyond the Valley of the Dolls".
Source: Wikipedia

Tracklist: 1. Stop Drop and Roll, 2. Mother Mary, 3. Ruby Room, 4. Red Tide, 5. Highway 1, 6. She's a Saint Not a Celebrity, 7. Sally, 8. Aligator, 9. The Pedestrian, 10. 27th Ave Shuffle, 11. Dark Side of Night, 12. Pieces of Truth.
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Foxboro Hot Tubs Official Site / Foxboro Hot Tubs @ MySpace / Foxboro Hot Tubs @ Wikipedia


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