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Ween-O-Rama! - Rarities 1986-2003

In a desperate attempt to make up for the lack of fresh posts, I officially declare today Ween-day here at Bruunski Beats!
Today I'm giving you not one, but all of Ween's four independent cassette releases + the hard to find live albums "All Requests Live" and "Live At Stubb's" - enjoy!
There is actually one more independent release called "Prime 5", but it's just a best of the four others.

From Wikipedia: Ween is an alternative rock group formed in 1984 in New Hope, Pennsylvania when Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo met in an eighth grade typing class. The pair became known as Gene and Dean Ween, respectively. Thousands of home recordings later, Ween collected a large underground fanbase despite being generally unknown in pop music.

The Crucial Squeegie Lip is the first recording by Ween. It was released in 1986 on Bird O' Prey Records. Almost nothing is known about this release, and an original version of the tape is almost impossible to find, considering the record label shut down years ago. Dean and Gene were both 16 at the time of the release of this tape. "You Fucked Up" later reappears as track one on their release GodWeenSatan: The Oneness.

The Crucial Squeegie Lip (1986):
1. Introview, 2. Talk to Me About Erica Glabb, 3. Intro/Nippy Wiffle, 4. Jelly (Part I), 5. Boobtalk, 6. Boobs (Part I), 7. Boobs (Part II), 8. Go!, 9. Stresstabs, 10. Drinktalk, 11. I Drink a Lot, 12. Jessica, 13. Red As Satan, 14. Murphy Flattens His Frustrations, 15. Cowbell, 16. Ingrown Mayo, 17. Duke of Denim, 18. Blow It Out Your Ass, 19. You Fucked Up, 20. TalkthinG, 21. I Drink a Lot (Nice Version), 22. Hey Bullfrog, 23. Smash My Head, 24. (You) Piss Me Off, 25. Justalking, 26. Blue Hair, 27. Sweetness (Parts I & II), 28. The Refrigerator That Wouldn't Close (Live from WTSR/Chris Hoecke vocals), 29. Mindfuck, 30. Livetalk, 31. Boognish, 32. Boobs (Part III), 33. Yolk, 34. Shnagenhausen, 35. We Seen Ween Bean, 36. Everyone’s a Lesbian, 37. Yeah, Sure, 38. Oik, 39. Jelly (Part II), 40. Outroview.
Download: MegaUpload / Rapidshare

Axis: Bold As Boognish is a name of a recording by Ween. It was released in 1987. The title is a parody of a Jimi Hendrix album Axis: Bold as Love. Almost nothing is known about this tape and the record label it was released on shut down years ago. The song "Bumblebee" was re-recorded and released on Ween's first real album, GodWeenSatan: The Oneness.

Axis: Bold as Boognish (1987):
1. I'm Killing It (Kill Everything), 2. Tweet Tweet, 3. On the Beach, 4. I Like You, 5. Bumblebee, 6. Emily, 7. David the Negro, 8. The Iron Whore, 9. Sittin' On My Ass (Wanton Nougat), 10. Smoke In My Brain, 11. Anne, 12. Aqua-Ween, 13. She Said, She Said, 14. The Journey Into Dinh, 15. Gene's Lament (Tree Love Theme), 16. Opus 51 Fugue Trilogy In A (Take Me to the Tree): A. Yurtle Swimming/B. The Tree/C. Bertha Gets the Mooshy Mooshy/D. The Kitty and the Squirrel/E. The Departure, 17. One Love For Boognish.
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Erica Peterson's Flaming Crib Death is a tape by Ween released in 1987. It features tracks previously released on Ween's other 2 tapes, and it also features new tracks. Hardly anything else is known about this album.

Erica Peterson's Flaming Crib Death (1987):
1. 1. Go, 2. Oik, 3. Nippy Wiffle, 4. Fat Albert, 5. I Drink a Lot, 6. Boognish, 7. Refrigerator (The Refrigerator That Wouldn't Close), 8. Duke of Denim, 9. Ingrown Mayo, 10. Boob, 11. Jelly, 12. Yolk, 13. Ana, 14. Disco Inferno, 15. Stress Tabs, 16. Shnagenhausen (Dody), 17. We Seen Ween Bean.
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The Live Brain Wedgie/WAD Exerpts is a recording by Ween. It was released in 1988. The first side of this album is a live show, the second is studio tracks. This is considered by some people to be Ween's first album, but it is not. It is their first actual record though. A majority of the records pressed are in possession of Dean Ween, although some copies were sold at concerts and given away to friends. On June 29th, 2007 Deaner placed 30 of the 500 original pressings on ebay, out of spite and "to buy 100 dollar bottles of Red Burgundy and veal cutlets". This is Ween's last known album on Bird O' Pray Records, as it is not known what label Prime 5 was on. Because it is less than 20 minutes long, it could be considered an EP.

The Live Brain Wedgie/WAD Exerpts (1988):
1. You Fucked Up, 2. Jelly, 3. The Refrigerator That Wouldn't Close, 4. I Like You, 5. I Drink a Lot, 6. Nippy Wiffle, 7. In The Node of Golgothia, 8. I Gots a Weasel, 9. Hippie Smell, 10. Stacey, 11. Gladiola Heartbreaker.
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Live at Stubb's, 07/2000 is a live album by the band Ween, released in 2003. It was recorded during two dates in July, 2000. There are three discs of material, including material from all seven studio albums the band had released at that point, three songs not officially released on a previous Ween album, and a Van Halen cover song. The third disc contains only the song "L.M.L.Y.P.".

Live at Stubb's, 07/2000 (2003):
Disc 1: 1. Buckingham Green, 2. Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down), 3. The Stallion Pt. 3, 4. Bananas and Blow, 5. Waving My Dick in the Wind, 6. Mister Richard Smoker, 7. Fat Lenny, 8. Even If You Don't, 9. Voodoo Lady, 10. The HIV Song, 11. Marble Tulip Juicy Tree, 12. Back to Basom, 13. Captain Fantasy, 14. Sketches of Winkle, 15. Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?, 16. Ocean Man.
Disc 2: 1. Exactly Where I'm At, 2. Booze Me Up and Get Me High, 3. Stroker Ace, 4. A Tear for Eddie, 5. Big Jilm, 6. Little Birdy, 7. Squelch the Weasel, 8. Sorry Charlie, 9. Wayne's Pet Youngin', 10. Hot For Teacher, 11. Ice Castles, 12. She Wanted to Leave, 13. Put the Coke On My Dick, 14. Homo Rainbow.
Disc 3: 1. L.M.L.Y.P.
Download, Disc 1: MegaUpload
Download, Disc 2: MegaUpload
Download, Disc 3: MegaUpload

All Request Live is the 4th Ween live album and the third to be released on their home record label Chocodog Records. It was released in 2003.
All Request Live features tracks performed live, in-studio by Ween and their touring band as part of a web radio broadcast, playing songs selected by fans on the band's message board. Among the tracks performed are all three officially released parts of "The Stallion" (along with the previously unreleased parts four and five), fan-favorites "Awesome Sound" and "Demon Sweat," a slightly expanded version of the drug-addled skit "Pollo Asado," and a nearly 6 minute long take on the band's infamous rejected Pizza Hut jingle "Where'd the Cheese Go?".

All Request Live (2003):
1. Happy Colored Marbles, 2. The Stallion, Pt. 1, 3. The Stallion, Pt. 2, 4. The Stallion, Pt. 3, 5. The Stallion, Pt. 4, 6. The Stallion, Pt. 5, 7. Demon Sweat, 8. Cover It With Gas and Set It On Fire, 9. Awesome Sound, 10. Cold Blows the Wind, 11. Pollo Asado, 12. Reggaejunkiejew, 13. Tried and True, 14. Mononucleosis, 15. Stay Forever, 16. Where'd the Cheese Go?
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Theo Von Tannelle said...

Really frickin G.R.E.A.T. dude!
You gots a really great taste.
Ween are best!

matt said...

Thanks for all the Ween rarities. Youz a gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

Love your site bro! And god bless ween!

Anonymous said...

Crucial Squeegie Lip was *not* the first release. The first release was titled "Mrs. Slack", which a photocopied picture of Chris Hoecke's grinning face in a magnifying glass.

I know. I have possibly the one copy in existence, obtained from Mickey M. (then known as Mick Yuck).

nffcnnr said...

Holy boognish!! Thanks for this treasure trove of Ween nuggets, these are all new to this ass.

Anonymous said...

danke mann! endnett von dir den ganzen stuff rauszugeben. i like!

Bruunski said...

Cool that you enjoyed it!

And "Crucial Squeegie Lip" was the first "big" release - cassette copies with only one known copy really doesn't count as a release, but more power to you for owning it ;)

ChocoCheese said...

Thanks! But for some reason, track 16 on Axis won't extract.

George Ween said...

Thank yoU!

Anonymous said...

Fuck yeah! I've wanted these recordings for a long time. Thanks!

Quasimoto said...

Wow, thanks! I haven't heard this stuff since the 80s. My friend had one of these tapes in a plastic bag entitled "Bag of Ween". My teen hardcore band played a party with Ween and Scornflakes in Mickey's parents basement in the 80s. Somebody called the cops who broke it all up. Good Times!

Anonymous said...

So is my copy of "Live Brain Wedgie" worth millions? It still has the $6.49 price sticker on it!

Bruunski said...

You could probably get $30-50 for it on eBay :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for these mate!!!!
I saw Ween on my birthday here in Wellington back in February.....Fantastic!!!! Thanks again!!!

Dr. Nothing said...

Kudos for this fine post. Terrific material... As I say to all Naysayers of the Deranged Duo...

"If you don't like Ween, you simply don't 'get' music".


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Scott said...

you, sir, are a freedom fighter. i got the four demos and b-sides packages ages ago, and totally missed these early releases. and i'm flabbergasted in admiration that all the links remain active. you've got boognish karma coming out yer ears.

Anonymous said...

i love you
thank you so much