Sunday, August 12, 2007

Roky Erickson & The Explosives - Casting the Runes (1987)

A quick follow-up to last nights Roky post: Here's a version of the French bootleg album "Casting the Runes" - re-released as an expanded CD edition with 19 tracks.

Tracklist: 1. The Wind and More, 2. Night of the Vampire, 3. Mine Mine Mind, 4. For You (I'll Do Anything), 5. You're Gonna Miss Me, 6. I Walked With a Zombie, 7. Love How You Love Me, 8. Don't Shake Me Lucifer, 9. Bloody Hammer, 10. Stand For the Fire Demon, 11. Heroin, 12. You're Gonna Miss Me, 13. Wake Up to Rock N' Roll, 14. Gonna Die More, 15. Bo Diddley Is a Headhunter, 16. Cold Night For Alligators, 17. Song For Abe Lincoln, 18. John Lawman, 19. Heroin.
Download: MegaUpload


Anonymous said...

Nice Album.Good Sound.Many Thanks

Toxxy said...

Thx very much for these Roky gems :-)