Friday, August 10, 2007

Beck - Don't Get Bent Out of Shape (1988)

Here's an early and rare cassette release by Beck from 1988 - can't find any info on it, except for what's written on the cover:
"Songs herein writ and played off Beck's guitar. Thanks to Steve for lending banjo and squeezebox, and to Rev. Mike for hosting the proceedings."

Tracklist: 1. Fume, 2. That Highway Won't Get You to Heaven, 3. Why Can't I Believe In You, 4. Get Yourself Back Home, 5. Ace of Spades, 6. Whiskey Be Your Lover, 7. Hollow Log, 8. In the Eyes of the Lord, 9. Don't Shit Me Mama, 10. You Done Wrong, 11. When the Water Will Take Back the Land, 12. Cut In Half Blues, 13. Run From the World, 14. Poor Misguided Soul, 15. Don't Believe the Joke They Put on You, 16. Don't Get Bent Out of Shape, 17. In This World, 18. Mexico, 19. A Man Named Will.
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Anonymous said...

I'm always looking for rare Beck and I didn't have this one. Thanks for posting it!