Monday, August 20, 2007

Beck - Beck Select, Vol. 1: One of These Days (2002)

"Beck Select, Vol. 1: One of These Days" gathers together some of the very best folk and blues recordings from Beck's prodigious catalog, capturing both Beck's unique suburban folk style, sung from the frayed edges of modernity, as well as a number of beautifully rendered covers, creating an essential, albeit unofficial album for the Beck discography.
There's also two more volumes in this bootleg compilation of Beck rarities that I'll maybe post someday soon...

Tracklist: 1. Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods (Live), 2. Bogusflow, 3. Stagolee, 4. Drivin' Nails In My Coffin (With Willie Nelson), 5. Untitled (KCRW Sessions), 6. Devil Got My Woman, 7. Goin' Nowhere Fast, 8. Got No Mind, 9. Sin City (With Emmylou Harris), 10. Lampshade, 11. Untitled (KXLU Sessions), 12. Totally Confused, 13. To See That Woman of Mine, 14. Supergolden Sunchild, 15. One of These Days, 16. Go Easy, 17. The World May Loose Its Motion, 18. Got No Home In This World, 19. Lonesome Whistle, 20. No Expectations (Live With Beth Orton), 21. Leave Me On the Moon, 22. Your Cheatin' Heart, 23. Whiskeyfaced, Radioactive, Blowdrying Lady.

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jn said...

I've been looking for one or more of his versions of No Expectations for a long while. Thanks for the great post!

If you feel like adding those two other volumes later, you've definitely got one grateful reader ready and waiting to hear them.

Edorf said...

Thanks. Great Beck stuff.

annmargretfan said...

Thanks for the great Beck discs. Do you know where I might find the Quodlibet disc?