Sunday, May 11, 2008

Charles Manson - Lie (1970)

This is the 1970 LP released originally by Phil Kaufman in an edition of 3,000 copies. The cover was designed by Al Swerdloff, a friend of Phil's. The first & last songs were originally issued as a single under the name Silverhawk in 1968. Dr. Demento has a copy of the Silverhawk single and is quite proud of it. The master tapes for the single had been lost when the LP was originally compiled so the single was used as the source for the LP master tape. The LIE LP was quickly reissued in 1971 by ESP Records and has been reissued countless times since then.
Most of the material was recorded on Sept. 11, 1967 at the legendary Goldstar Studios in Los Angeles. On August 9, 1968 Charles and his friends went back into the studio for an overdub session. A final recording session took place during the summer of 1969 where the preamble to Arkansas and I'll Never Say Never To Always were recorded especially for this release.
Personnel: Charles Manson; lead vocals, rhythm guitar, timpani, Bobby Beausoleil; electric guitar, Paul Watkins; french horn, Catherine Share; violin, Dianne Lake; recorder, Steve Grogan; electric bass, Mary Brunner; flute. Vocals on track 6; Nancy Pittman. Vocals on track 8; Sandra Good, Catherine Share, Lynette Fromme, Nancy Pittman & Cho-Cho. Backup vocals by Everybody.

Tracklist: 1. Look At Your Game, Girl, 2. Ego, 3. Mechanical Man, 4. People Say I'm No Good, 5. Your Home Is Where You're Happy, 6. Arkansas, 7. I'll Never Say Never to Always, 8. Garbage Dump, 9. Don't Do Anything Illegal, 10. Sick City, 11. Cease to Exist, 12. Big Iron Door (Clang Bang Clang), 13. I Once Knew Knew a Man, 14. Eyes of a Dreamer.
Download (70 Mb): Rapidshare

This is a fresh Dualtrack transfer from previously unplayed first edition vinyl. 320 kbps mp3s. HQ scan of cover included in the archive.


shadows said...

This alblum rules! as far as outsider folk psych goes .....

Anonymous said...

This is a classic. Hey Bruunski, do you still have the original vinyl transfer files in .WAV? If so, could you consider posting them in a torrent on a tracker someplace. I'm just not happy with the .mp3 compression.
Many thanks for this.

Dualtrack said...

Thanks for including a link to my blog in this post.

. said...

best rip i could find so far. nice job. thanks a lot.