Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Turbonegro - Boys From Nowhere (Ltd. Ed. EP) (2007)

I finally got my hands on this hard-to-get limited edition Turbonegro EP released late last year - so here it is for your enjoyment!
This EP is sort of a mini compilation, as it features tracks from four different albums - but unfortunately no rare tracks.
Some more info: Limited edition 6-track EP (2.000), with stamped number on the backside. It has a banner across the bottom of the front cover that reads: "2007 European Tour - Collector's Edition". Released by Scandinavian Leather Recordings (Norway) & Edel (Germany).
Source: Turbonegro Archive

Tracklist: 1. Boys From Nowhere, 2. Get It On, 3. I Got Erection, 4. Sailor Man (Live), 5. I Will Never Die, 6. Punk Pals.
Download (29 Mb): Megaupload / Rapidshare

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Toxxy said...

Cheers for this one Bruunski :-)