Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Saint Vitus - Born Too Late (1987)

"Saint Vitus is known as one of the first doom metal bands, starting out as early as the late 1970s. The band first used the name Tyrant, with Scott Reagers (vocals), Dave Chandler (guitar), Mark Adams (bass), and Armando Costa (drums), but soon changed their name to Saint Vitus. Their main influences were Black Sabbath and Pentagram.
Under this line-up Saint Vitus recorded 2 albums (Saint Vitus & Hallow's Victim) and an EP (The Walking Dead). After The Walking Dead Reagers left the band and was replaced by The Obsessed frontman Scott "Wino" Weinrich (at this time, The Obsessed had only released one 7"). Wino recorded three studio albums (Born Too Late, Mournful Cries & V), a live album (Live), and an EP (Thirsty and Miserable, featuring the Black Flag cover of the same name) with Vitus. He left the band in 1991 to reform The Obsessed after Vitus's label, Hellhound Records, released an album of older Obsessed recordings. Christian Lindersson (of Count Raven) left his band to fill in on vocals. He would record only one album, C.O.D. before being replaced by original Vitus vocalist, Scott Reagers. Reagers recorded vocals for the band's final album, Die Healing."
"Born Too Late is the third album by the American doom metal/stoner metal band Saint Vitus, which was released in 1987. This was the first Saint Vitus album featuring former Obsessed singer Scott "Wino" Weinrich. All the songs except "The War Starter" are featured on the compilation album Heavier Than Thou.
In 1990, SST released Born Too Late on CD and included the Thirsty and Miserable EP tracks. "Thirsty and Miserable" is a Black Flag cover."
Source: Wikipedia

Tracklist: 1. Born Too Late, 2. Clear Windowpane, 3. Dying Inside, 4. H.A.A.G., 5. The Lost Feeling, 6. The War Starter, 7. Thirsty and Miserable, 8. Look Behind You, 9. The End of the End.
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Equinox - Skrell EP, Nuh! EP & Live @ Blitz '89

Here's the rest of what I was able to dig up from the Norwegian thrash kings Equinox - the two EP's "Skrell" & "Nuh!", and a live recording from Blitz in Oslo, Norway, October 13th 1989. Don't miss the chance to get these legendary albums - they aren't available anywhere else! Huge thanks to NXP for helping me out with these!
"Equinox is a thrash metal band from Fredrikstad, Norway that started in 1987. The initial band members were Grim Stene (guitar/vocals), Ragnar 'Raggen' Westin (drums) and Skule Stene (bass) who were all ex-Rebellion members. In 1988 Tommy Skarning joined as a second guitarist".
Source: Wikipedia

Equinox - Skrell EP (1990)(21 MB): 1. Skrell, 2. Loven slår (Hærverk), 3. Too Drunk to Fuck (Dead Kennedys).
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Equinox - Nuh! EP (1992)(32 MB): 1. Nuh, 2. Let There Be Rock (AC/DC), 3. Drug Me (Dead Kennedys), 4. Succumb to the Law.
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Equinox - Live @ Blitz, Oslo 13.10.1989 (84 MB): 1. Lost Control, 2. Stop!, 3. Auf Wiedersehen, 4. Realm of Darkness, 5. Pharaoh Dance, 6. Dead By Dawn, 7. Too Drunk to Fuck, 8. Let There Be Rock, 9. House of Wonders, 10. The Floating Man, 11. Inner Self, 12. The King.
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

VA - Pornosonic: Unreleased 70's Porno Music (1999)

This one's for all you old school porn lovers out there!
"Pornosonic was born in 1971 through a chance meeting between Ron Jeremy, a budding star, and Don Argott, a key L.A. session musician. Over the next 20 years Pornosonic wrote and performed some of the most creative and compelling music for the adult film world. In addition to many credited and uncredited tracks on well known films, there was a lost cache of songs just recently discovered. The compilation of those songs is being released in 2004 under the band’s name. Fortunately or otherwise, many of the band members went on to other musical endeavors and through mutual arrangements were forced to sign non-disclosure agreements about their work in Pornosonic. Thus, while several of the original members went on to become household names, and some gained great infamy for some stupid rock and roll pranks, the management of Pornosonic and the subsequent title holders to their catalogue are not allowed to mention these members by name".
Source: Wikipedia

Tracklist: 1. Dick Dagger's Theme, 2. Cramming for College, 3. Nice N' Sleazy Does It, 4. Spiderpussy, 5. Special Delivery, 6. Sex Starved Secretaries, 7. Prepare For Take Off, 8. Her Magic Carpet, 9. Laying Pipe, 10. Spiderpussy.
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Pornosonic Website
Pornosonic @ Amazon.com

Friday, October 5, 2007

Equinox - Labyrinth (1994)

And here's Equinox' fourth and final studio album!
"Equinox's fourth and last disc is a bit more experimental than any of their other discs, although no less heavy and menacing. To label this disc is almost criminal, but if I had to I would say it was progressive thrash metal. Because of this fact, and the fact that I enjoyed this disc so much on the very first listen, I thought I'd do one of those track by track descriptions. "Sandlove" starts things off in traditional Equinox fashion; a fast and brutally heavy thrash song. "Time Again" slows things down a bit, but only the tempo, not the intensity level. This song is a slow, heavy, doom metal track with a ton of muscle and bite! "But" picks things back up with yet another fast and heavy thrash track. "Angst" begins the more experimental tracks. This song experiments with mixing some smooth jazz like guitar playing with some heavier grooves. This track reminds me a bit of something Voivod might have written. A bizarre but cool song. The title track continues in the Voivod, experimental mode. 'Labyrinth' is dynamic and super technical with tons of rhythm changes. The intro to the song features some smokin' bass work from founder Skule Stene. The majority of this song is heavy but right in the middle of the song there is this cool flamenco-like acoustic guitar solo. "Lies" slows things down again, with some more experimentation with some mellower, clean guitar parts, some heavier mid-paced guitar riffing and an occasional fast mosh rhythm. "Hope Is Green" returns back to the more traditional Euquinox thrash-groove mode. This song has a killer riff that once again reminds me of something Voivod might do. "Poor Kelly" is a clean, almost ballad like song; although ballad is really the wrong word to describe this song as thoughts of Winger and Warrant may pop up. This song, however, has more of an atmospheric, jazzy quality with the vocals almost coming across as a tribal chant, rather than some sugary ballad. The lyrical theme on this song borders Jimi Hendrix's "Hey Joe" which is a pretty bizarre theme for a ballad. "Catharsis" is a speed metal instrumental that sounds a bit more like other Equinox discs. "Dedicated" is freaky! This song starts off as an acoustic song, yet it's a thrash song at the same time. Picture a Ventures riff played at full speed on an acoustic guitar and this will give you an idea of the opening few measures of this song. The song picks up into a full throttle metal number but returns to the acoustic part in some other parts. This song rules! Can't say that I have ever heard an acoustic guitar come across so heavy. "Millennium" resumes the roller coaster ride and returns to the heavier mid-to-fast paced groove, once again retaining a sort of Voivod-Dimension Hatross/Nothingface vibe. This song also features some fast double bass work by drummer Jorn Wangsholm. Lastly we are given an acoustic version of the first song off the band's debut 'Auf Weidershehen', which serves as sort of an album outro and a fitting end to the band's four album career. Overall, while this album is not the pure thrash assault that was "Auf Wiedersehen" or even "Xerox Success ," it's still an excellent CD, especially for those who enjoy more experimental metal bands like Voivod".
Source: No Life 'til Metal

Tracklist: 1. Sandlove, 2. Time Again, 3. But, 4. Angst, 5. Lies, 6. Labyrinth, 7. Hope Is Green, 8. Poor Kelly, 9. Catharsis, 10. Dedicated, 11. Millennium, 12. Stop!
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Equinox - Xerox Success (1991)

"Equinox play a brand of thrash born and bred in bands like Testament, Metallica and Exodus. Despite the fact that they are from Norway, which is much closer to German bands like Kreator and Destruction, Equinox's roots are most assuredly in the American Bay Area thrash movement. This being the case, I was immediately hooked on this disc. I can't get enough of that style. The blend of heavy, fast riffing and catchy, hook laden song writing is undeniable. 'Xerox Success' was the band's third disc and undeniably should have sold like gangbusters in '91 when this style of music still was doing well. Obviously the band had poor marketing or poor label support because this cd is practically unheard of. Too bad 'cause songs like "Souls At Zero," "Lost Control," "Now!" and "My Sweet TV" are great technical thrash songs. There is one stinker on this disc, however, in the bizarre song "Jabbermouth." Perhaps this was suppose to be a joke song, but I don't get it. Mosh it up!"
Source: No Life 'til Metal

Tracklist: 1. Xerox Success, 2. Souls At Zero, 3. Lost Control, 4. Jabbermouth, 5. My Sweet TV, 6. Now!, 7. Slave to the Whim, 8. Nothing At All, 9. Damned, 10. Succumb to the Law.
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Equinox - The Way to Go (1990)

"Equinox's sophomore release continues in the same aggressive thrash metal mode as their first album, only slightly more technical. "The Way To Go" is every bit as good as their first album, and as with that album I cannot understand why they didn't become underground metal heroes. The production is stepped up a bit from the debut as well, being a bit more clear, yet not losing a bit of the aggression. Unlike the band's debut, which was more concerned with speed and aggression, I think the songs begin to have a more immediate hook. Songs like "Godamadog", "Flower Power" and opener "Fine By Me" had me banging my head almost immediately".
Source: No Life 'til Metal

Tracklist: 1. Fine By Me, 2. Inner Self, 3. Skrell, 4. Godamadog, 5. Quest For Fire, 6. Conveyer of Truth, 7. Flower Power, 8. What It Is Worth.
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Equinox - Auf Wiedersehen (1989)

My shortlived quest to get my hands on the complete discography of the Norwegian metal band Equinox (1988-94) has come to an end, and starting today with their 1989 debut "Auf Wiedersehen" I'll be sharing all my findings with you all. All of their albums are currently out of print and impossible to buy, and the record company (RCA/BMG) probably never will reissue these albums either. Huge thanks to NXP and TCH for helping me get these treasures!
"After making a very good performance in the Norwegian equivalent of Battle of the Bands in 1988, the band went ahead and played the length of norway for the next five years. Anyone interested in geography and a fair knowledge of Norwegian climate and winter roads will nod knowingly, and mutter "wow, that's impressive". For the rest of you, who couldnt care less, Norway is that long stretch of coastline fending of winter hurricanes for the Swedes, making Swedish climate relatively pleasent, and enabling swedish bands to survive long enough to enter the international arena.
After recording and releasing the latest album (Labyrinth) during the year of the Lillehammer Winter Olympics, surviving band members agreed to take some time off to pursue other, less strenous, interests and to convene at a later stage when climate and times were more relaxed.
The music draws influences form early Metallica, AC/DC, Motorhead, Led Zeppelin, Voivod without making it obvious. Music is written out of what the artist experiences and aquires from his surrounding. The band themselves were always reluctant to ever cathegorize its music, but the term "Progressive Thrash" was probably the most non-committent term that anyone could agree on."
Source: Norwegian Bandindex

"One of the hidden gems of thrash metal without a doubt. I can't imagine why these guys weren't much more well know than they are. In 1989 thrash was all the rage, and certainly "Auf Weidersehen" is a thrash metal assault that would have any denim and leather clad headbanger pumping his fist and moshing around in circles. After a short acoustic intro, from song one to song nine, the intensity never lets up. "Auf Weidersehen" is thrash metal in the purest sense of the word. While the songs are fast and furious, there is also careful attention paid to technical song craft, although not overly technical, and good production. Think on the lines of Believer's "Extraction From Mortality" or Kreator's "Terrible Certainty". The lyrics unfortunately seem to be a bit dark and cliché, although the vocals are sung in such a way that the actual words are not as important as the intensity of the delivery. Overall, as I said, Equinox are one of the hidden gems of the second wave of thrash metal. "Stop!", minus the acoustic intro, was re-recorded as an acoustic track for the band's final album "Labyrinth"."
Source: No Life 'til Metal

Tracklist: 1. Stop!, 2. Auf Wiedersehen, 3. The King, 4. Pharaoh Dance, 5. Violins, 6. The Floating Man, 7. House of Wonders, 8. Realm of Darkness, 9. Dead By Dawn.
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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Request: Equinox - Auf Wiedersehen, The Way to Go & Skrell EP

When all other options fail I'm forced to make a request on my own blog; Does anyone out there own the albums Auf Wiedersehen, The Way to Go & Skrell EP by the Norwegian metal band Equinox?
I really need to get at least a digital copy of these! I thought I still had these albums on cassette, but they've gotten lost along the way. So if you have these - and maybe their other two albums - please contact me.