Friday, October 5, 2007

Equinox - Xerox Success (1991)

"Equinox play a brand of thrash born and bred in bands like Testament, Metallica and Exodus. Despite the fact that they are from Norway, which is much closer to German bands like Kreator and Destruction, Equinox's roots are most assuredly in the American Bay Area thrash movement. This being the case, I was immediately hooked on this disc. I can't get enough of that style. The blend of heavy, fast riffing and catchy, hook laden song writing is undeniable. 'Xerox Success' was the band's third disc and undeniably should have sold like gangbusters in '91 when this style of music still was doing well. Obviously the band had poor marketing or poor label support because this cd is practically unheard of. Too bad 'cause songs like "Souls At Zero," "Lost Control," "Now!" and "My Sweet TV" are great technical thrash songs. There is one stinker on this disc, however, in the bizarre song "Jabbermouth." Perhaps this was suppose to be a joke song, but I don't get it. Mosh it up!"
Source: No Life 'til Metal

Tracklist: 1. Xerox Success, 2. Souls At Zero, 3. Lost Control, 4. Jabbermouth, 5. My Sweet TV, 6. Now!, 7. Slave to the Whim, 8. Nothing At All, 9. Damned, 10. Succumb to the Law.
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Xerox Solid Phaser Ink said...

I just saw the video/pic you posted up and it brought tears to my eyes reminiscing in memories 12 years ago when I myself once had a band as well..
We played in the basement/garage, we performed in talent shows/pubs, we did everything right, we got a record deal with some small time corp, but now I still remain a plumber in misery. Hey ya'll, pursue your dream, dont let it fall out! Make your dream come through because only you can make it true :)