Friday, October 5, 2007

Equinox - The Way to Go (1990)

"Equinox's sophomore release continues in the same aggressive thrash metal mode as their first album, only slightly more technical. "The Way To Go" is every bit as good as their first album, and as with that album I cannot understand why they didn't become underground metal heroes. The production is stepped up a bit from the debut as well, being a bit more clear, yet not losing a bit of the aggression. Unlike the band's debut, which was more concerned with speed and aggression, I think the songs begin to have a more immediate hook. Songs like "Godamadog", "Flower Power" and opener "Fine By Me" had me banging my head almost immediately".
Source: No Life 'til Metal

Tracklist: 1. Fine By Me, 2. Inner Self, 3. Skrell, 4. Godamadog, 5. Quest For Fire, 6. Conveyer of Truth, 7. Flower Power, 8. What It Is Worth.
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