Friday, October 5, 2007

Equinox - Auf Wiedersehen (1989)

My shortlived quest to get my hands on the complete discography of the Norwegian metal band Equinox (1988-94) has come to an end, and starting today with their 1989 debut "Auf Wiedersehen" I'll be sharing all my findings with you all. All of their albums are currently out of print and impossible to buy, and the record company (RCA/BMG) probably never will reissue these albums either. Huge thanks to NXP and TCH for helping me get these treasures!
"After making a very good performance in the Norwegian equivalent of Battle of the Bands in 1988, the band went ahead and played the length of norway for the next five years. Anyone interested in geography and a fair knowledge of Norwegian climate and winter roads will nod knowingly, and mutter "wow, that's impressive". For the rest of you, who couldnt care less, Norway is that long stretch of coastline fending of winter hurricanes for the Swedes, making Swedish climate relatively pleasent, and enabling swedish bands to survive long enough to enter the international arena.
After recording and releasing the latest album (Labyrinth) during the year of the Lillehammer Winter Olympics, surviving band members agreed to take some time off to pursue other, less strenous, interests and to convene at a later stage when climate and times were more relaxed.
The music draws influences form early Metallica, AC/DC, Motorhead, Led Zeppelin, Voivod without making it obvious. Music is written out of what the artist experiences and aquires from his surrounding. The band themselves were always reluctant to ever cathegorize its music, but the term "Progressive Thrash" was probably the most non-committent term that anyone could agree on."
Source: Norwegian Bandindex

"One of the hidden gems of thrash metal without a doubt. I can't imagine why these guys weren't much more well know than they are. In 1989 thrash was all the rage, and certainly "Auf Weidersehen" is a thrash metal assault that would have any denim and leather clad headbanger pumping his fist and moshing around in circles. After a short acoustic intro, from song one to song nine, the intensity never lets up. "Auf Weidersehen" is thrash metal in the purest sense of the word. While the songs are fast and furious, there is also careful attention paid to technical song craft, although not overly technical, and good production. Think on the lines of Believer's "Extraction From Mortality" or Kreator's "Terrible Certainty". The lyrics unfortunately seem to be a bit dark and cliché, although the vocals are sung in such a way that the actual words are not as important as the intensity of the delivery. Overall, as I said, Equinox are one of the hidden gems of the second wave of thrash metal. "Stop!", minus the acoustic intro, was re-recorded as an acoustic track for the band's final album "Labyrinth"."
Source: No Life 'til Metal

Tracklist: 1. Stop!, 2. Auf Wiedersehen, 3. The King, 4. Pharaoh Dance, 5. Violins, 6. The Floating Man, 7. House of Wonders, 8. Realm of Darkness, 9. Dead By Dawn.
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