Monday, November 12, 2007

Bob Seger - Back In '72 (1973)

"With the single exception of "Smokin' O.P.'s", rereleased on compact disc by Capitol in 2005, all of Seger's albums prior to Beautiful Loser (1975) (the pre-Silver Bullet Band releases) have long remained out of print and command extremely high prices if offered for sale. As of March 2007, genuine prints of the brief 1993 Capitol CD release of Ramblin' Gamblin' Man are offered for over US$180 on various on-line marketplaces".
Source: Wikipedia

"Returning to independent status, Bob Seger recorded Back in '72, not only the finest of his early-'70s albums but one of the great lost hard rock albums of its era. Seger didn't limit himself to self-penned songs on this excursion; borrowing an idea from Smokin' O.P.'s, he covers quite a few tunes, providing a balance to his own tunes. He makes "Midnight Rider" sound as if it were a Motor City raver instead of a sultry, late-afternoon Southern rocker, while casually tossing off "Rosalie," an irresistible ode to a local DJ that turned into a hard rock anthem when Thin Lizzy decided to record it later in the decade. That's the brilliance of Back in '72 -- there's no separation between the original and cover, it's all united in a celebration of rock & roll. That's why "Turn the Page," perhaps the weariest travelogue ever written, never feels self-pitying -- that's just the facts, according to a first-rate Midwestern band that never got a break. All the same, Back in '72 is a testament to great rock & roll, thanks to Seger's phenomenal songwriting and impassioned playing".

Tracklist: 1. Midnight Rider, 2. So I Wrote You a Song, 3. Stealer, 4. Rosalie, 5. Turn the Page, 6. Back In '72, 7. Neon Sky, 8. I've Been Working, 9. I've Got Time.
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bham4ever said...

A limited edition (1000 copies), unauthorized double album of Michigan rock from the '60s
Have the album in my collection.
see photo's..nice sound!

Bruunski said...

Yeah, I have it too - awesome album for sure!

blue oyster said...

Unbelievable, just scored this album today for 5 bucks, never thought I'd find it. Even weirder is that it's a New Zealand pressing. Back then all records sold in NZ had to be pressed in NZ even though the population was only 3 million people. Bob was a long way from being a household name then and NZ is about as far away from Michigan as you can get so the press run must have been modest to say the least. None of that matters though because I've just played the thing and it really is as good as it's reputation so it's a keeper for life. 3 weeks ago I scored 'Time Fades Away' by Neil Young for a similar price so the record-collecting god is definitely looking out for me right now.