Tuesday, November 6, 2007


On one of my trips to the fabulous Rollins Archive I stumbled across a link to this weird but enjoyable new Henry Rollins tribute site - HelloHenry.com:
"A web blog dedicated to all the crazy funny things found online relating to Henry Rollins and his fans. Vids, pics, stories, comics, from the down right weird through to the moderately amusing. HelloHenry.com brings you a daily dose of Hank humor for your viewing and listening pleasure".

Hank's official site also has a new feature you don't wanna miss - the highly entertaining Clip of the Month, where Heidi May gives us her best shot at dismantling the aging alternative icon that is Henry Rollins.

Henry Rollins.com / The Henry Rollins Show / Harmony In My Head / Rollins Archive / Henry Rollins @ IMDb / Henry Rollins @ Wikipedia

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