Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Don Bajema, Lydia Lunch, Hubert Selby Jr. & Henry Rollins - Our Fathers Who Aren't In Heaven (1990)

Out of print compilation of spoken word bits from Don Bajema, Lydia Lunch, Hubert Selby Jr. and Henry Rollins. Released on Lydia Lunch's Widowspeak label back in 1990.
The two main Henry Rollins bits can be found on the album Human Butt, the other two appear in written form in his books. But the combination of Rollins, Bajema, Lunch and the great Hubert Selby Jr. makes this a compilation well worth downloading - and/or buying from eBay or Gemm.

All artwork included.

Download, Pt. 1 - Rapidshare
Download, Pt. 2 - Rapidshare
Download - MegaUpload

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Offcierge said...

Thanks for putting this up. It brings back some damn powerful memories of a younger age. After I read this, I panicked because I thought I lost my copy of this CD, one of my prized possessions, but it was exactly where it was supposed to be.

I can't wait to listen to it again. These guys, Lydia included, changed my life.