Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Munch - Moments of Movement (1992)

Munch formed in Kristiansand, Norway, in 1986, with the name taken from the famous Norwegian painter Edward Munch. They wanted to create a kind of music that made the same impressions as Munch's paintings...
Of the five members only two knew how to play instruments, but this was just in the vein of what leader Ivar Mykland wanted: Start from scratch, then you'll have to concentrate on how your instruments sounds, have to concentrate to recognize sound patterns which highly skilled musicians will pass on as uninteresting.
They started practicing in a sound proof room at Ivar's place, in Tordenskjoldsgt.23, N-4612 Kristiansand S. As time went on this rehearsal studio was transformed into a proper studio and eventually the location of their own label T23.
Due to this very basic start the process of writing songs took lots of time, in five years they wrote something like 25 songs. But Ivar express satisfaction with the way Munch was formed and how they developed: Like Einstürzende Neubauten Munch could write a song based on random sounds or accidents - like when Ivar had caught a cold and was coughing or if one of them played a wrong sound.
Munch split up after their concert at Rockefeller, in Oslo, on December 6 1991.
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All of Munch's releases were initially on vinyl OR cd OR cassette. This is probably their rarest and most difficult to find release. I think some or all of the live recordings from Bergen 89/91 are recorded by me on my old Sony cassette recorder. I may digitize the whole gigs and put the recordings here later on. Munch should re-release their stuff, or at least make a compilation or small box set. But until that happens, enjoy MOMENTS OF MOVEMENT!
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Download, Pt. 1 (88 Mb): Megaupload / Rapidshare
Download, Pt. 2 (83 Mb): Megaupload / Rapidshare

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NXP said...

Munch is the best band in Norway ever. Moments is not the rarest but then again all their cassettes is impossible to get these days. Looking forward to the live tapes. For those who understand Norwegian check out this; http://nxp-musick.blogspot.com/2004/09/munch.html

Morten Flaten said...

You're a saint! Awesome downloads of music I've been searching for years. Big applause!!!!!!