Monday, December 22, 2008

VA - X-Mas Tunes, Vol. 1 (1988)

Xmas Tunes, Vol. 1 - 20th Anniversary Free Download: The Norwegian tape label Hypertonia World Enterprises put together their first compilation in 1988. It was an underground xmas comp. with contributions from many artists from Europe and the US. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this release the label is offering a free download of the hour long tape.

Artists included: Nicole Campau, Laurent Fauconnet, X-omatic (aka Skjit-Lars), Sack, Joe Menichetti & Beverly Slade, George Galvas & The Helmets, F:A.R., Injuryen (Juryen, with Brt from Famlende Forsøk), Leisure Sisters, To Trøtte Typer, Trio Zuter, X Ray Pop, James Hill & Mickey Stein, No Unauthorized, Åreknuteknyterne, Walter Ulbricht Experience, Phantom Limb & The 3 Wise Men and Costes.

«Quite a few of these xmas tunes are those we've come to know & love, some are perhaps traditional in other countries, & some have definately been specially written for this compilation...», Stick It In Your Ear zine
«This is an especially good tape for those of you who have relatives who insist on playing those old Bing Crosby records throughout December. Pop this baby in - there's enough "seriousness" mixed in to pull it off! A definite MUST!!!», But a Twist of the Lip... zine

Norsk: Gratis julemusikk! Det er 20 års jubileum for den første samlekz'n på labelen Hypertonia World Enterprises. Det var en julekassett med "hjemme"-innspilt musikk fra en lang rekke europeiske og amerikanske artister og band. Du kan laste ned hele utgivelsen her.

Download (88 Mb): Rapidshare

Hypertonia World Enterprises / HWE Blog

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