Monday, July 9, 2007

Bad Religion - New Maps of Hell [Japanese Bonus Tracks] (2007)

Today punk legends Bad Religion release their new album "New Maps of Hell" and - as usual - the Japanese version contains some extra songs. This time acoustic version of the two classic tunes "God Song" and "Sorrow".
Definitely not something you'll wanna miss if you're into Bad Religion - so here they are!

Download - MegaUpload
Download - Rapidshare

PS! I've been thinking about starting a seperate blog just for these Japanese bonus tracks and other country specific bonus tracks. But to do a good job with that I'll need some help. So if you have any info on this subject get in touch! Bruunski


Jamdav86 said...

It's a cool idea, and I would like to see it done. However, it's an ambitious project (appears to me tat most popular albums have Japanese bonus tracks), and added to the bonuses in other countries as well it will take some time.

In the meantime, you can post the ones you have, but any type of completeness will be somewhat unattainable.

Bruunski said...

I'll get some more cool stuff up during the weekend!