Sunday, June 3, 2007

Bad Religion - Live At the Roskilde Festival, Denmark (1996)

Bad Religion's concert from the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, June 27th 1996.
"Like several of the bands who have benefited from the commercial return of punk in the years 1993-94, the Californian band Bad Religion has been playing together since back in 1979. Unlike so many other punk bands who have been together for years Bad Religion has held onto their original sound and playing style; an energetic and simple, but also well-played, tight and melodious sound which has won the group a growing following and helped them make even bigger inroads into the public consciousness with their 8th album - "Recipe For Hate" in 1993. Since then they have released two other CDs which have sold well."
Source: Roskilde Festival Website

Tracklist: 1. Anesthesia, 2. Watch It Die, 3. Modern Man, 4. The Streets of America, 5. 10 In 2010, 6. Pessimistic Lines, 7. Punk Rock Song, 8. Suffer, 9. Operation Rescue, 10. Portrait of Authority, 11. Do What You Want, 12. Fuck Armageddon... This Is Hell, 13. Drunk Sincerity, 14. Tomorrow, 15. Along the Way, 16. A Walk, 17. Pity the Dead, 18. Slumber, 19. Lookin' In, 20. Come Join Us, 21. Faith Alone, 22. I Want to Conquer the World, 23. Cease.

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